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At Maiden Lane Medical’s Queens, New York location, we provide Platelet Rich Plasma Injection treatments, PRP, where we take your blood (platelets) to stimulate hair growth by re-injecting them into the scalp, face or scars. PRP injections are scientifically proven treatments for sports injuries, to promote post-surgical healing and relieve the pain of knee arthritis, and now it is also a headlining and clinically accepted choice for hair growth stimulation and preservation, acne scarring and facial rejuvenation .It is a safe and less invasive way to encourage hair growth, skin healing and rejuvenation. Call our Dermatology Clinical Coordinator (DCC) , Danielle, if you want to learn more about PRP. (347) 939-4184

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What is PRP?

Blood is drawn from the patient candidate – Growth factors help facilitate treat male and female pattern hair loss with your own blood growth factors and nutrients. PRP amplifies the body’s natural healing and stimulate growth. We then inject this highly concentrated PRP solution complete with the platelets and growth factors back into the patient’s scalp to help repair hair follicles and revitalize growth. In acne scarring and scars it is injected directly into the scars creating both trauma and a nutrient rich/growth factor rich healing at the sites. This promotes healthy healing that can achieve better scarring and healthier rejuvenated skin. This can be done in conjunction with micro-needling and later in the treatment course with fillers and botulo-toxin (Botox and similar products for better cosmetic results. A combination with laser resurfacing and/or chemical peels provides even better results.

Are you a Candidate for PRP Treatments?

Hair loss patients that are not good candidates for surgical transplant and those have had a recent hair transplant or are in line to get one are good candidates. Acne scarring and sun damaged and aging skin are also good candidates. PRP treatments are available separately or as part of a comprehensive care plan that includes micro-needling, lasers and surgical interventions. The combination of treatments offers an increased level of success.

Your overall health is a factor in this treatment, as well. Patients with a history of heavy smoking, drug or alcohol use may not qualify. Certain medical conditions may also limit a patient’s participation such as:

  • Platelet dysfunction syndrome
  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Hemodynamic instability
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Chronic infections

If you take an anticoagulant drug, this procedure may be unsafe for you.

What are the SIDE EFFECTS?

Because PRP involves injecting a substance into the skin, there are potential side effects. PRP is autologous, which means it contains substances that come directly from your own body. This reduces the risks for an allergic reaction that can occur from injecting other medications, such as cortisone or hyaluronic acid. However, there are risks from the injection itself, including:

  • infection
  • nerve injuries
  • pain at the injection site
  • tissue damage
  • swelling
  • soreness
  • tenderness
  • redness
  • tightness of scalp
  • pinpoint bleeding

Patients should not take aspirin or blood thinners for at least 48 hours after the process. Alcohol should also be avoided as well as Vitamin E. 

What are the treatment schedules?

Initially PRP should be performed once every 30 days for 2-3 months. Re-evaluate in 3 months (6 months after initial treatment) and then 6 months after that (12months after initial injection) . The treatment works in areas of loss of hair density where the follicles have become smaller or less in quantity and areas of no hair are not injected.

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