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If the key to healing was already inside your body, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Stem cell injections make use of the cells from your fat cells to trigger the repair process for injuries and disease. To find out how stem cell therapy can help you achieve your health goals, visit Maiden Lane Medical in Midtown, New York. Within this multi-specialty practice, our specialist offers patients natural wellness solutions so you can avoid surgery. Call or book an appointment online for a personalized consultation.

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What are stem cell injections?

Stem cell injections are a type of medical treatment that utilizes the power of your body’s ability to heal itself. The injections contain cells that are harvested from your adipose (fat) cells or bone marrow.

When injected into areas of your body that need healing, these cells can turn into the types of cells needed to repair damage, providing anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and pain-relieving benefits.

Who is a candidate for stem cell injections?

Stem cell injections are effective for practically everyone with inflammation or injury. They have been especially popular with professional athletes and people who are interested in more natural healing solutions.

If you’re suffering from any joint or muscle pain, a chronic injury, or orthopedic problem, stem cell injections can offer incredible benefits.

Your physician can help you determine if stem cell injections are right for you, based on your symptoms and your health goals.

What happens at my appointment?

At your stem cell procedure, our team perform fat extraction (liposuction) and separates the fat from the stem cells without altering them chemically in a specialized machine. He injects the concentrated solution back into the areas of your body that need treatment along with an IV of the same stem cells.

You might need more than one treatment over the course of a year.  After your appointment, you can return to your normal activities.

What are the benefits of stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy can treat numerous conditions and health problems. The most potent benefits include:

  • Repair: faster wound healing or recovery from injury
  • Pain relief: from injury, trauma, autoimmune conditions, and more
  • Regeneration: promotes the growth of new blood vessel and heart tissue

Stem cell therapy can often provide exceptional results for patients that have not had results with other types of treatment methods. If you’ve been told you need surgery but need an alternative option, stem cell therapy can offer healing outcomes without the recovery time associated with surgical procedures.

With stem cell injections, your body heals itself, and there are usually no side effects. To book a consultation about stem cell injections today, call Maiden Lane Medical or use the easy online scheduler to book an appointment today.

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