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Whether you’re planning a vacation to an exotic land or journeying to an international business conference, a pre-trip visit with a travel medicine physician can keep you healthy during and after your travels. Our providers at Maiden Lane Medical in Lower Manhattan and Midtown, New York are specialists who understand the unique aspects of travel-related medical concerns. Call the office today or schedule an appointment via our patient-friendly online scheduling service.

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What is travel medicine?

Travel medicine specializes in the particular healthcare needs of international travelers. Once focused primarily on issues related to visits to developing countries, travel medicine dealt with concerns such as traveler’s diarrhea, malaria, and general vaccinations or immunizations.

Currently, more than 70 million Americans cross international borders annually as tourists, business professionals, and humanitarian volunteers, visiting every region of the globe. This significant increase in the number of travelers as well as the diversity of destinations requires a wider focus on travel-related healthcare, including infectious disease and public health issues related to travel.

The physicians at Maiden Lane Medical continue to focus on appropriate immunizations and other general health factors regarding travel. They also provide detailed education regarding region-specific outbreaks of dangerous infections, how and when to seek medical care during your vacation, and concerning symptoms to watch for once you’ve returned home.

What is a pre-trip visit?

During a pre-travel visit, your provider asks detailed questions about your travel plans, your current medical status and medical history, and your vaccination record. Information your doctor needs to devise a healthcare/immunization strategy for your trip includes:

  • Where you plan to travel within a country
  • If you’re traveling to more than one country
  • How long you plan to stay
  • What types of activities in which you plan to participate
  • Where you’ll be staying during the trip, such as a major hotel in a city or a tent in a rural area

It’s generally recommended that you schedule a visit with your doctor four to six weeks before your departure date since your body needs time to build immunity levels after receiving a vaccine.

What about after the trip?

Other than dealing with jetlag and the return-to-normal-life blues, most travelers who’ve had appropriate pre-travel vaccines and education can expect to feel fine after coming home. Sometimes, however, a virus or parasite or other travel-related hitchhikers can make your homecoming less than celebratory.

Symptoms that may require a post-trip visit with your provider at Maiden Lane Medical include:

  • Fever that develops within 30 days of travel to a country or region with malaria
  • Diarrhea that persists for two weeks or more, which may signal a parasitic infection
  • Rashes, boils, bug bites, and other skin abnormalities

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