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A woman who is confused about excision vs ablation treatments for endometriosis. If you have endometriosis, finding a treatment to relieve your pain symptoms effectively is a crucial task. Our team of endometriosis specialists at Maiden Lane Medical in Manhattan, NY offers customized treatment plans, including endometrial excision surgery. Contact our office to learn more about how we can help!

While we think that excisional surgery is often the most effective treatment of endometriosis, other treatments, including ablation, are available. Let’s explore the differences between laparoscopic excision versus ablation.

What Is an Excision Procedure?

Excision is a surgical treatment for endometriosis. Our team at Maiden Lane Medical usually performs minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery to remove endometriosis lesions and related scar tissue. We use a state-of-the-art DaVinci robotic arm to perform endometriosis excision.

During a minimally invasive excision, your surgeon makes a small cut in your abdomen and inserts a laparoscope, which allows them to see inside your body to locate the endometriosis. They make a couple of additional small incisions and insert surgical tools into your abdomen to cut away the endometriosis lesions. After surgical excision, your surgeon extracts the instruments and closes the incisions.

What Is an Ablation Procedure?

During an ablation procedure, your surgeon uses heat to vaporize the abnormal tissue. Sometimes referred to as fulguration, coagulation, or cauterization, ablation is also minimally invasive.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Each Type of Procedure?

There are many pros and cons to consider when comparing excision and ablation as ways to treat endometriosis. Here are some things you should keep in mind.


Radical laparoscopic excision of endometriosis allows your surgeon to remove all the lesions and related scarring from anywhere in your abdomen. While endometriosis can reform, excision surgery can be combined with postoperative hormonal suppression or other medical treatments to manage the potential recurrence of the condition.

Ablation therapy is effective for superficial endometriosis but isn’t as effective as a treatment for deeper endometriosis. Ablation vaporizes the top layer of tissue but won’t address deep infiltrating endometriosis. 


Recovering from a laparoscopic excision is usually shorter than it would be for traditional open surgery. This means you can get back to your regular activities more quickly, although the time needed varies from patient to patient. Laparoscopy also usually has a lower risk of infection and scarring.

Pain Relief

Severe pain is a hallmark symptom of endometriosis and one of the primary reasons women seek diagnosis and treatment. Chronic pelvic pain related to endometriosis can be extremely disruptive, interfering with work, school, and social activities. 

While no endometriosis treatment is guaranteed to be 100% effective, surgical management can relieve endometriosis-associated pain, with excisional surgery being most effective for deep infiltrative disease.

Fertility Outcomes

In addition to its effectiveness, endometriosis excision allows your surgeon to preserve your reproductive organs. For example, if you have ovarian endometriosis, fallopian tube endometriosis, or uterine endometriosis, your surgeon can remove endometriosis without damaging the organs.

A woman who is confused about excision vs ablation treatments for endometriosis.

Which Procedure is Better for Treating Endometriosis?

A complete laparoscopic excision surgery, in our opinion, is the most effective treatment for the disease, effectively relieving symptoms. Surgical treatment of endometriosis removes the lesions and scar tissue, and when combined with postoperative hormone therapy, your risk of disease recurrence decreases. Your surgeon can also achieve optimal excision while protecting your fertility.

The Maiden Lane Medical team are minimally invasive gynecology experts and offer personalized treatment programs, including surgical removal of endometriotic lesions leading to a significant reduction in pain, bowel symptoms, and other disruptive symptoms. If you have any endometriosis symptoms, schedule a consultation at our office in Manhattan, NY today for diagnosis and treatment!

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