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Our top gynecologists in New York City, Maiden Lane Medical provides advanced in-office laparoscopic surgery services for area patients. The laparoscopic technique involves less pain and less risk than traditional surgery for a faster recovery and safe, effective results.

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What is laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique whereby myriad types of surgical procedures can be performed through very small abdominal incisions. Typically three to five small incisions (or cuts) are made in the abdomen and small trocars (or sheaths) are placed into the abdomen. These trocars allow the surgeon to insert a camera into the abdomen, allowing him or her to visualize all of the abdominal and pelvic structures in a magnified view. These trocars also allow the surgeon to insert specialized instruments in order to complete the surgical procedure through the small incisions. The laparoscopic camera gives the surgeon a magnified view of the field in which they are operating. The small instruments that are used allow for completion of the surgery in a precise, detailed manner. In our practice, the great majority of surgeries that are planned to be completed with the laparoscopic approach will indeed be performed successfully in this manner.

What are the benefits of laparoscopic surgery?

There are many benefits to having your surgery performed laparoscopically, or through small incisions (or cuts) in the abdomen. Most of our patients are discharged home on the same day as their surgery!. Patients tend to have less pain after surgery and return to their normal activities and work duties much faster than those who have a laparotomy (a “large cut” or “open” surgical procedure). Loss of blood during surgery, surgical infection, and blood clot formation is also significantly lower with a laparoscopic procedure. Overall – if your surgeon feels as though a laparoscopic approach is safe for you – then this is likely your best option for a speedy recovery!

How many incisions or cuts will I have in my abdomen?

This depends on what type of surgery you are having. Simpler laparoscopic procedures may be performed with just three small incisions – one hidden in the belly button and two hidden beneath the underwear line. More complicated surgeries may require between three and five incisions – ranging in size from 0.5-1cm. These incisions are much smaller than the incision required for a laparotomy (or “open surgery”) and tend to heal faster with less associated pain. Ask your doctor what the plan is regarding your incisions. And always remember that your doctor will perform your surgery with the number of incisions that make your surgery as safe as possible.

What kind of surgery can be performed laparoscopically?

Many types of surgeries can be performed laparoscopically – but this all depends on the skill of your surgeon. Many of our doctors in the practice have undergone years of subspecialty training in the field of minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Examples include (but are not limited to):

  •    Removal of large and multiple fibroids (benign uterine growths that can cause pain and bleeding)
  •    Removal of ovarian cysts (small, large, multiple)
  •    Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus and/or cervix)
  •    Removal of superficial and very advanced endometriosis
  •    Removal of the appendix
  •    Treatment of ectopic pregnancy or other fallopian tube pathology
  •    Diagnosis and treatment of chronic pelvic pain
  •    Fertility preservation or enhancing procedures

When can I go home after laparoscopic surgery?

Most of our patients go home on the very same day!. Your doctor will discuss your immediate postoperative expectations with you on your preoperative visit. If you are expected to be discharged on the same day as your surgery then your doctor will have given you pain medications and all the instructions you need for how to have a speedy recovery at home. We also have a doctor on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so if you were to have any questions or concerns there would be a skilled person just a phone call away to help you.

When can I go back to work after laparoscopic surgery?

This all depends on the type of work you do, and how quickly you feel recovered enough to return to work. On average, our patients will return to work 2-4 weeks after an uncomplicated laparoscopic procedure.

How do I know if laparoscopic surgery is right for me?

Come and talk with one of our skilled physicians!

Chances are, you may be a candidate for laparoscopic surgery. Only your surgeon will be able to tell you for sure. As noted earlier, many of our physicians are trained to complete difficult surgical procedures in a minimally invasive fashion.

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