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NY Pelvic Pain, SoHo Gynecology and NY Comprehensive Women’s Medical are now one practice!

Medical Treatment

At Maiden Lane Medical, we provide patient-centered care based on an in-depth understanding of each patient’s unique and evolving medical needs.

Emergency Help

A medical provider is available by phone at all times to assist our patients with emergencies, such as hospital admission and evaluation of urgent medical problems. If you need to speak with a physician after hours, please call 646 290 9560. Your call will be routed to a live operator.

Medical professionals

Our medical team strives to establish trusting patient relationships.

Qualified Doctors

Our goal is for patients to feel more comfortable and confident in their medical care and health at every stage of life.


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In-Office Surgical Suite

As a fully accredited office based surgical facility, we have earned the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission for our In-Office Surgical Suite located at our Financial District office.

We believe

  • you should have excellent surgical care in a comfortable facility.
  • you should have same day surgery without many of the administrative difficulties of going to a large hospital
  • your surgical care should exceed the highest quality standards

Our expert anesthesiology and surgical staff members are all board certified and expert in handling your needs.

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About Our Practice

At Maiden Lane Medical, we provide patient-centered care based on an in-depth understanding of each patient’s unique and evolving medical needs. Our medical team strives to establish trusting patient relationships. Our goal is for patients to feel more comfortable and confident in their medical care and health at every stage of life.

Office Hours

Our offices are open Monday- Friday from 9-5. Our Financial District location is open from 8-6.

Phone and Fax Numbers:

T: 646-290-9560 F: 212-532-4362

How We Communicate

You will receive periodic reminders from the office when preventive services are due, such as annual exam, mammogram or colonoscopy. This may be in the form of a portal message, letter or telephone

Care Coordination

Our care coordinators work to ensure that patients with abnormal results, overdue tests or those requiring referrals receive the care that they need. They also work to schedule appointments and coordinate care for high risk patients. They can be reached via email at

Seeing Other Providers :

When seeing other providers, please be sure to let the doctor know that you are also receiving care in our office. This way care can be coordinated.

Health Care Proxy

The New York Health Care Proxy Law allows you to appoint someone you trust — for example, a family member or close friend – to make health care decisions for you if you lose the ability to make decisions yourself. By appointing a health care agent, you can make sure that health care providers follow your wishes. Everyone over the age of 18 needs to appoint a health care agent. This PDF will take you through the necessary steps.

Preparing​ ​for​ ​your​ ​appointment:

Please remember to come 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This allows us to have time to update your information. Please bring your photo ID, insurance card, credit/ debit card. We do respect your time commitments and do our best to maintain an on-time schedule. We also do our best to inform you of delays. You may also check in for your appointment ahead of time using the portal.

Making​ ​an​ ​appointment

  • Please use the portal to make an appointment or call us at 646 290 9560.
  • Web Portal appointment instructions:
    • Click on “appointments” on the left navigation bar, then select “New Appointment”.
    • Choose the facility, then the provider, and then the visit type.
  • Portal Phone App appointment instructions:
    • Click on the appointments section from the home screen.
    • Click book new appointment.
    • Then click find appointment.
    • Select your provider by clicking book appointment under their name
    • Then choose location.
    • Click on book appointment.
    • Click on show available.
    • Select whether you have seen that doctor before.
    • On the new screen, your information will automatically appear, enter in the reason for your visit.
    • Click Verify.

Appointments can also be booked through where you can easily schedule an appointment for a date and time that works best for you.

If you do not cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance you will be charge a $75.00 fee.

Cancelations​ ​and​ ​Rescheduling

Please give us 24 hours’ notice when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment. Appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled via the portal or by calling the office. You also have the option of cancelling your appointment when you receive your appointment confirmation call.

If you do not cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance you will be charge a $75.00 fee.

How do I contact someone in billing?

Our billing department does not take direct phone calls. If there is a need to speak directly, we can call you. We are also available to discuss issues on a conference call with you and your insurance company. The best way to contact us is via email: Once you send this email it is expected you will receive a response within 3 business days. Please do not contact your doctor with billing questions or issues.

How is payment to the doctor determined?

If the doctor is in network with your insurance company there is a contract between the doctor and the insurance company that determines payment for each service. The doctor is eligible to only receive the contracted amount for a particular service. The amount for which you are responsible depends on your insurance plan. We encourage all our patients familiarize themselves with their insurance plan, and to be aware of what services are covered and not covered. Any amount that is not covered by our contract with your insurance company is your responsibility

I would like to know how much is being charged and what my responsibility will be for each service provided. How can I find this information?

This issue is a huge challenge in healthcare. We do our best to be transparent about pricing. We are always happy to tell you gross pricing up front. However, this price never reflects the amount that will be reimbursed by your insurance company or how much your obligation will be. The insurance companies hold this information closely and do not tell us ahead of time how much your obligation will be for a given service. To make it more complicated, these rates are constantly changing and are dependent on an individual’s insurance plan and not necessarily the particular payer (i.e. the insurance company). Your doctor does not know this information ahead of time. Our front desks staff and our billing staff all have access to the gross prices. But as above, no one knows for sure what your obligation will be once the bill is sent in. We are always happy to help with questions.

I saw Dr. X but the billing was done under Dr. Y. How is that possible?

We are a rapidly growing medical practice. It can take 6-9 months (or longer) for a new doctor to become fully credentialed with the insurance companies. During this time, we utilize “billing supervisors”. These are physicians in our practice who are already credentialed with your insurance plan. This practice is accepted by the insurance companies as an interim measure to ensure patients receive care.

MLM / my doctor are in network. Why am I receiving a bill from you?

The only time MLM generates a bill for a patient is when the patient’s insurance company tells us that the patient has incurred a cost beyond what the insurance company will pay. This information comes in a document from the insurance company called an explanation of benefits (EOB). The only bill you will receive from MLM is for the amount stated in the EOB. This is your contractual obligation and under NYS Law cannot cannot be negotiated or reduced except in special legal circumstances such as bankruptcy.

My credit card was charged without notification. How can you do this?

Our practice policy is that all patients keep a credit card on file. This is designed to cover no-show fees, co-pays, deductibles, non-covered services and any other items outlined in your EOB. This works the same way as leaving your credit card at a hotel upon check-in for “incidentals”. All patients sign an agreement allowing us to use the credit card on file for this purpose. This agreement is signed at check-in at the beginning of every visit.

The receptionist told me I do not or would not owe any money so how can I now owe?

We do our best to educate our office managers and front desk staff on all aspects of our practice, but it is impossible for them to handle all situations. We generally expect that all questions regarding billing and payment are directed to our billing team. Unfortunately, even if our front desk staff or office managers have advised you incorrectly that does not relieve your payment obligation for services.

Why is the doctor’s fee higher than what the insurance company will pay?

Our fees are determined by a percentage of what is known as usual and customary rates (UCR). These rates are generally accepted across the industry for a given geographic area. As you might understand, in NYC these rates are higher than in other parts of the country. These rates are always higher than our contracted rate with the insurance company. The reason for this is that we have many different contracts with insurance companies and they all come in at different rates. The difference between our rate and the contracted rate is not your obligation. We write this amount off as a contractual obligation.

Why am I paying a co-pay for an annual exam?

Under the Affordable Care Act there are no co-pays for annual exams. However, it is extremely common to receive services at the time of your annual exam that are not included in an annual exam (which is a well-person visit designed to address preventive health issues only). When such services are rendered your insurance company considers this an extra visit. We do as well. This is an additional service provided above and beyond what is included in a normal brief annual exam. Even if it is 5 minutes of counseling it is still an extra service. This is consistent with all federal correct coding guidelines. When you receive a fee for this it is not a co-pay for your annual exam but rather a copay or deductible for the extra service. Examples of these extra services include but are certainly not limited to any of the following:

  • Chest pain
  • Vaginal symptoms
  • Painful intercourse
  • Birth control counseling
  • Fertility counseling
  • Abnormal bleeding

Why am I receiving a bill from the laboratory (MLM, Sunrise or Quest)?

Many insurance plans require you pay a portion of the laboratory fee. We have no control over this fee or your obligation to pay this fee. Any questions about such bills should be directed to the laboratory company and your insurance company. Sometimes, we can help with the bill by offering the laboratory company additional diagnosis information.

In the past I didn’t have to pay a deductible or copay for a particular service – why now?

While billing errors can occur the most likely reason for having to pay for something that you did not have to pay for in the past is simply that the landscape of medical reimbursement is changing. In the past, employers and government entities paid for over 90% of expenses. This is no longer the case. Through various mechanisms, including your policy agreement with your insurance company, costs are increasingly being shifted to the patient (consumer) directly. It is important for you to know all the expenses, covered or not covered, with your insurance policy.

I am not getting all the answers I need from the billing department. Who can I speak to?

Our whole organization including our managing partner, Dr. Kenneth Levey, Maiden Lane Medical take great pride in providing you with outstanding care as well as always striving for 100% satisfaction with every visit to us. If you have any issues or questions not addressed by our team in any aspect of your care, please email him directly at

Prescription​ ​Refills

Refill requests can be submitted in several days. For all medication refill requests, please allow 2 to 3 business days. The best way is to request a refill is via the patient portal. You may also ask your pharmacist to submit a request.

If it has been more than one year since your last appointment, please make an appointment to have your medication refilled.

How​ ​to​ ​request​ ​refills​ ​via​ ​the​ ​portal

Web​ ​instructions:

On the home screen, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, you will see a section on the right titled “Current Medications”. Click on the arrow to the right of “request refill.” A new window will appear with your medications, click on the box(es) to the left of your medication name. Then click the orange box on the bottom left titled “refill request”. A new box will appear, first select your provider, then select your pharmacy. Click on submit.

Phone​ ​App

You may request a refill via the portal by clicking on Medications from the home screen. Then click on the + sign next to medications. Click on the request refill box and then select the medication(s), then click next. Verify the request and then submit.

We stock the following vaccines at our offices:

 HPV​​ (Gardasil)​​


 Hepatitis ​​A ​​/​​ Hepatitis​​ B​​     



 Influenza​​ (fall​​ and ​​winter)

Patients​​ with​​ GHI​​ (Emblem ​​Health) ​​are​​ not ​​able​​ to ​​receive​​ vaccines ​​provided​​ by​​ our​​ office.​​ You must ​​request​​ the​​ vaccine​​ prescription ​​and ​​then​​ obtain ​​the ​​medication ​​from​​ your​​​ pharmacy.


If you have a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

Please don’t send urgent messages via the portal.

After​ ​Hours​ ​Care

A medical provider is available by phone at all times to assist our patients with emergencies, such as hospital admission and evaluation of urgent medical problems. If you need to speak with a physician after hours, please call 646 290 9560. Your call will be routed to a live operator.

If you are on your way to an emergency room please let us know so we can coordinate care with the emergency department physicians. This way we can be in touch with the facility where you are being treated and assure the best of care.

Please call us regarding all other issues during our normal office hours. Examples of non-emergency issues include requests for treatment of non-urgent conditions, prescription refills, and results of laboratory testing. We’ll be able to address your needs more efficiently and accurately.

Choosing a Physician

Choosing a new doctor can be a challenge, especially if you have moved to a new community. Asking for recommendations from coworkers, neighbors, and friends is a good way to start, but ultimately you will have to decide which physician is best suited to your individual needs and situation.

Your insurance plan may restrict your choices to a group of plan-approved physicians or offer financial incentives to use plan-affiliated doctors. Always check the terms of your insurance coverage to find out whether the plan will cover visits to the physician you are considering. If he or she does not participate in your health plan, how much will you pay out-of-pocket for visits to this provider? Does the health plan require a referral from a primary care physician before you can see a specialist? If you have changed jobs and must decide among different health plans offered by your employer, you may want to make your choice of doctor first and then choose the health plan that covers visits to this physician.

You will also need to decide what type of physician you are looking for. Most plans require you to choose a primary health care provider (a doctor who will manage your overall care and refer you to specialists when needed). In addition, if you have a chronic or disabling condition you will likely need a specialist who understands your particular health needs.

Most practicing physicians in the U.S. are board certified. Primary care physicians — doctors you would see for routine ailments such as a cold, the flu, and regular checkups — may be board certified in family medicine or internal medicine; specialists — doctors you would see for special procedures such as a colonoscopy or for a chronic disease — have completed residency training in a specific field following graduation from medical school and have passed a competency exam in that field.

Finally, you may have additional concerns when choosing a doctor. These concerns should reflect your own needs and priorities. The following questions can help you to define further what is most important for you:

1. Where is the practice located? Will it be easy for you to get there? Is it accessible by public transportation? Is there ample parking?

2. Which hospital(s) does the doctor use? Are you comfortable with the possibility of being treated at one of these institutions should the need arise?

3. Where are routine X-rays and lab studies performed? Can these be done in-office, or will you have to go to an outside lab?

4. How long must you wait for an appointment after you call? Can you be seen on the same day if you have an urgent need?

5. Is the office staff friendly and courteous?

6. If you call with a question about your care, does a doctor or nurse return the call promptly?

7. Who covers for the physician when she is away? Whom should you call if you have a problem after-hours? If the doctor works in a group, are you comfortable with being seen by one of the practice partners?

8. Does the physician frequently refer patients to specialists or does he/she prefer to manage the majority of your care themselves?

The content above was published by WebMD in February of 2016.

Primary Care

Your Primary Care Physician (PCP)  sees you for everyday health, wellness, and illnesses. This is your “regular” or “family” doctor who usually specializes in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, or General Practice. Your Primary Care Physician understands the “big picture” of your health and takes care of or coordinates any kind of healthcare services you may need, including:

    • Reviewing your prescription medications
    • Reviewing your lab test results
    • Referring you to a special clinical program that might help you
    • Referring you to a Care Manager to help you stay healthy
    • Giving you a flu shot and other preventive screenings
    • Referrals to a specialist

Specialist Care

Specialist is a doctor who, as the name implies, specializes in a particular type of medicine. Gynecologists specialize in diseases of the female reproductive organs (uterus, cervix and ovaries) and provide annual well-women exams. Urologists specialize in disorders of the urinary track and treat disorders of the male reproductive organs.


For your convenience, we offer blood draws at all our office locations. Labs will be typically drawn at the time of your appointment or you can schedule a return visit. Unfortunately, we are not able to draw labs which are ordered by other physicians.


Expect to hear from your provider in about 1 week with the results of routine blood work. Once your results are reviewed, they will be available on the patient portal. Please allow 2 weeks for Pap smears, pathology results and biopsies. If you don’t hear from your doctor, please send him or her a message.

Generally, surgical pathology from a procedure performed in the office or hospital takes about two weeks to fully process. If your specimen was evaluated at a hospital pathology laboratory it will not appear.

We participate with the following insurance companies.

● 1199

● Aetna


● Elderplan

● Empire BlueCross / Blue Shield

● Family Health Plus

● GHI/Emblem Health

● Healthfirst


● Magnacare

● Medicaid (NYS)

● Metroplus

● Neighborhood Health

● Oxford (Freedom and Liberty – NOT Metro)



● Tricare

● United Health

● Wellcare

Not all providers are in-network with each insurance that we accept. If you have questions please contact

We bill your insurance plan for each visit. Your responsibility is to pay for any co-pays, deductibles or co-insurance. The amount you owe depends on the specifics of your plan. If you have any questions, we suggest you call the number on the back of your insurance card to learn more about your coverage. We accept checks, cash, debit and credit card.

Your benefit plan coverage, co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance are determined solely by your insurance.



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