Mammograms Save Lives


Founded in 2007, Maiden Lane Medical, PLLC is a multispecialty women’s health practice located in NYC. We understand that we have to look beyond the pelvis and reproductive organs and work with patients for the most holistic view of their lives and health. This means adding family medicine, endocrinology, gastroenterology, urology, mental health, nutrition, physical therapy, and internal medicine to our gynecology and obstetrics services.

We always strive to be a one-stop place for women to participate in their health. We offer mammography on same day, Joint Commission accredited office based surgery, FDA accredited mammography, AIUM accredited ultrasound and NYS accredited
laboratory services.
We also believe physicians should be able to practice medicine without the encumbrances of RVUs, administrators, constant boxes to check and scores to worry about. We only hire the best of clinicians and understand that patient care is the number one priority. After that, everything else is second. Our team is tech progressive and we are always willing to push the envelope on service utilizing technology.

We are continually expanding and rethinking the way we care for patients. Come join us and see the difference!


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