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Very professional, knowledgeable, great attitude, empathetic and straight forward.


Very sweet and knowledgeable. I have been going here for years and am always impressed by her. I wish all my doctors where as great!


I really appreciate how Dr. Hobbs sit down and listen to what I am feeling in my body and take the necessary measures to make sure I get further treatment. Dr. Levy was the same way in evaluating and prepping me for surgery in 2013 so I am not surprise that he would bring in other doctor’s with the same heart and compassion for the patient’s welfare and treatment.


Dr. Hobbs has a great bedside manner. I am very glad I made an appointment here!


I saw Dr Hobbs. She is so nice and so caring. I am so glad I came here.


Dr. Levey is a rare find- a great surgeon with a lovely bedside manner! He was patient with me and my families (many!) questions about my surgery and has been supportive in the follow up. Everyone in his office is great at communication and clarity and responses are extremely fast. I whole hearted recommend!


Dr. Hobbs was caring and compassionate. She listened to my concerns and offered great options for treatment.


Wonderful! Dr. Hobbs is so kind and thorough. I always feel comfortable in her office.


Great doctor! Made me feel comfortable and took the time to answer all my questions. One of a kind!


Dr. Levey is a thorough, thoughtful and caring doctor who listens to his patients concerns and questions. He has cared for me for a number of years and I would not see anyone else. He has seen me through healthy and sick times with the utmost of attention and always had my best needs at heart. I would recommend him to anyone (and often do) and trust him intrinsically.


Dr. Williams was so professional and personable, she really put me at ease and answered all my questions.


Dr. Davison was so nice and thorough and funny. Very pleasant and made me feel at such ease.


Knowledgeable, caring, kind. Best OB/GYN ever.


So caring and kind. Very knowledgeable.


I am 28 and since I’ve gone to my gynocological appointments as a young woman, I have never felt so welcomed, invited, and cared for by a gynocologist as I did with Dr. Williams. She really took the time to listen to my concerns and gave me great advice and recommendations. She asked me medical history questions and allowed me to express myself. Dr. Williams is very approachable, professional, thorough with her work. There is no doubt in my mind that I would recommend her to my friends. Thanks for such positive first visit.


Knowledgeable, caring and always a beautiful smile to welcome her patients. I couldn’t ask for more. Dr. Hobbs is a gift to women’s health!


Dr. Davison is a gem. I’ve never had a doctor – let alone a gynocologist – make me feel so comfortable. I’m so glad I found her. The office is great too: clean, friendly, and efficient.




Jacqueline was respectful, thorough, and explained exactly what she was going to do before proceeding. She also listened to my concerns and was eager to be helpful.


She was very personable, friendly, and professional. She answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable throughout my appointment. I definitely plan to make appointments with her in the future.


Dr. Davison was great, she took her time and was very personable. Awesome bedside manner.


My doctor was patient, kind, and knowledgeable. My concerns were addressed and all options clearly made available to me. It was a very thorough and helpful experience.


Dr. Hobbs is efficient but also takes the time to address all of my concerns and questions. Everyone at the office is so friendly and helpful – I feel comfortable from the moment I check in. Thank you!


This was my 1st visit with Dr. Davison. I’ve been to many GYN doctors in the last few years trying to find out a diagnosis & a treatment plan for on going pelvic pain I’ve been experiencing for many many years. What sets Dr. Davison apart from the rest of my previous GYN Doctors, is she took the time to listen to me and how frustrated I was from my pelvic pain. She was patient as well as thorough in her investigation of my family health history. Dr. Davison made me feel comfortable that she would be diligent in finding out a treatment plan that could perhaps alleviate my pelvic pain. I never felt rushed and I certainly didn’t feel defeated as I did with previous GYN doctor. I left her office feeling relieved & confident that I finally found a possible treatment for my reoccurring pelvic pain. I look forward to working with her throughout the process of the treatment I decided. To add on I’d like to keep seeing her as my permanent GYN physician.


Jacqueline was very easy to talk to.


Great Doctor, I’m very comfortable in his office and he has an amazing staff.


The office staff is courteous and prompt. Dr. Davison was really great and answered all my questions at my annual gyn exam.


Very friendly and professional!


Dr. Levey was very helpful and the staff was really attentive and warm.


It was really great.


Dr. Davison is wonderful! Always answers all my questions, very thorough.


Great! Made me feel comfortable and at ease.


Very kind and informative. Would definitely go back.


She was very nice, professional, and knowledgeable in answering all of my questions. It was my first time ever at an obgyn, and she made it quick and painless.


Very informative and helpful.


She was great.


Was seen in a timely fashion and my concerns were addressed quickly.


This is the second time I have seen Jacqueline and I can say I am pleased. Her bedside manner or great and she is very knowledgeable!


Everyone was very friendly and I was in and out of the office in less than half an hour.


Dr. Davison is thorough and really listens to her patients.


Always professional kind and insightful.


Warm, kind and comprehensive. I highly recommend Dr. Davidson and her team.


Everyone in the office is friendly and welcoming. I was called in quickly after arriving. It was about a 10 minute wait between having my vitals checked and seeing Dr. Hobbs. She has a lovely personality, is super sweet and makes you feel at ease. Best Doctor I have ever had!


Friendly and efficient.


Wonderful team of medical professionals who made me feel comfortable and welcome. Efficient appointment scheduling, check-in, and prescription processes.


Dr. Davison is always thoughtful and thorough. She is a great doctor.


Dr. Hobbs is great! Appointment was very quick, but I did not feel rushed. Thanks!


This was my first time seeing Dr. Hobbs. She is very caring and considerate in her practice.


Dr. Davison is deeply knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate. Exactly what I was looking for.


Dr. Hobbs has an excellent attitude and welcomeness that makes me feel very comfortable to discuss such intimate issues/concerns with her. I really appreciate having that relationship with a doctor.


Dr. Hobbs is an absolutely delight. She was knowledgeable, patient and very attentive during her time with me. Her office staff was extremely helpful as well. I would highly recommend her!


Very kind and always takes the time to answer my questions.


Dr. Davison is thoughtful and patient and so thorough. She has a wonderful bedside manner and is confident and clearly present.


It was a short and expedient visit. She was able to tend to my needs and make my appointment quick and easy.


Dr Hobbs was very nice and explained things very clearly. She took the time to hear my concerns and gave me clear answers. She recommended another colleague who is an expert in the area of my issues but still examined me thoroughly. She is very gentle and made me feel very comfortable.


Dr Davison is a great doctor and takes the time to speak with you.


Dr Hobbs Took plenty of time with me She was informative and pleasant I am hopeful that a very long-standing problem will be solved now.


Thanks to Dr. Davison, I have received the medical care and attention that I’ve been searching for. I have lived with pain and discomfort for years and now I finally have an explanation. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Davison for providing me with the surgical treatment I received this week for my endometriosis.


Dr. Hobbs is the best! I have recommended her to several of my friends. It can be hard to find a good gynecologist that you feel comfortable with, and I would recommend Dr. Hobbs to anyone.


The best!!!


Great! Wonderful Doctor! Very approachable and easy to talk to, plus makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable while examining.


Dr. Hobbs thoroughly explained the pros and cons of my treatment options. At no point did I feel rushed or like she needed to be elsewhere. She made me feel completely at ease and I look forward to seeing her again!


Dr. Hobbs was very thorough in our initial visit. She assured me that there is methods we can use and that she will keep working with me until I am pain free. Looking forward to next steps with her.


Still waiting for my results but she was very helpful.


Great bedside manner. Knowledgeable and very helpful.


Amazing Doctor, makes you feel so comfortable, very friendly. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.


Dr. Hobbs is very professional and Honest. Comfortable and great experience.


Dr. Davison was very helpful and made me feel at ease.


Dr. Hobbs was approachable, easy to talk to and knowledgeable.


Dr. Ostrov is knowledgeable and provides a comprehensive approach to my health.


Dr. Hobbs is awesome. She has a perfect bedside manner and is always punctual and conscious of my time. She is one of the best gynecologists out here.


Dr. Davison was great – very friendly and thorough.


Dr. Ostrov is personable, extremely kind, and practices evidence-based, and up-to-date medicine. An incredible doctor!


Dr. Davison was friendly, informative, and very helpful. She put me at ease!


Dr. Ostrov is thorough, genuine and smart. My appointments with her are always pleasant and I feel that she has my best interest in mind. She listens and expects you to have questions about your health. About her, she definitely has a type a personality, and I like that in my OBGYN. One day when I am in labor I know that Dr. Ostrov would fight for me, she’s got the courage and experience I’d need on my side.


Amazing! So glad he is part of this office now. Always helpful with any of my questions and goes above and beyond for his patients. Easy to get in touch with as well.


Dr. Levey and staff are the most caring and knowledgeable practice always willing to take the time to truly listen and help. They have given me the strength to continue winning my battle against endometriosis. I would highly recommend Dr. Levey and staff to anyone dealing with pelvic pain!!


The Doctor really went the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of and that he covered all basis.


Dr. Davison is very meticulous and knowledgeable, making sure that all my questions and concerns are addressed. She cares about her patient and is gentle during the examination process.


I must say that each and every time I come to your clinic, everyone there from the young ladies at the front desk to Dr. Levy has made my experience pleasant. All offices should be as pleasant. Thank you.


Dr.. Levey is one of the greatest he did my surgery and discharged me the same day i was able to walk around ,i drove after 5 days. I have no regrets going to him i did research on the internet and found him he is very gentle and listen to all your problems ,very helpful staff ,i will recommend any one to visit him .i will surely and happily keep him as my GYN Doctor.


I visited Dr. Ostrov as a new patient today and was more than pleasantly surprised at how kind she was, and how comfortable I felt in her care. Not only was she thorough and efficient, but she was personable and attentive as well.


Thorough, understanding and easy to talk to… explains everything…taken on time.


She is careful and knows what she does, feel very comfortable. The clinic is really nice, and the people who work there are very professional and kind.


Dr Hobbs, takes the time to talk to you and understand your concerns in what can be a very difficult decision. She explains all the possible treatment option so you can have peace of mind that you’re doing what beat for your condition. She is warm and very receptive and an attentive listener. I was very please while under her care.


Dr. Harris been my gynecologists for over 25 years. She has taken excellent care of me . Dr. Harris is innovative, current, thorough , thoughtful and wise . She discovered my breast cancer and immediately got me on a path of recovery. She continues to keep an watchful eye on me. I am eternally grateful! I would highly recommend her to anyone and have!


Everyone at the office was cheerful and friendly. Shout out to Erika for allowing me to just email my insurance over. Dr. Datta is a very straightforward and understanding doctor. She makes the whole process easy and most importantly, quick! This is the most pleasant gynecology appointment I’ve ever had and that included the paper work process. Even though the office was understaffed, everything went smoothly and the total wait time was very minimal (10 min) which is nothing compared to other offices and clinics.


She was friendly, attentive, approachable and answered all my questions. She made me felt at ease. I can honestly say I actually enjoy going to the gynecologist because of her. Thank you!


She was very friendly and I felt super comfortable even if it was my first time meeting her.


I’ve never felt so comfortable with a Dr in my life.. I didn’t feel rushed and she explained things so detailed I really felt she cares about her patients and genuinely loves what she does.


Very attentive and professional!


Very personable, very little wait time, and well versed and professional.


Really patient and understanding.


Best experience I ever had.


She’s great! explains everything really well and puts me at ease.


She is kind, intelligence and very good at what she does. Thank you very much!


Dr. Harris has been my doctors for over 20 years. She is brilliant, compassionate and I would recommend her to any woman of any age.


My Doctor takes a very personalized approach to medicine, and helps me make decisions about my care by giving me all the information available, rather than pushing me to a specific treatment. She never rushes her appointments, and is kind and patient. Absolutely the best doctor of the very long list who I’ve seen.


The office staff was very helpful and Dr. Harris provided excellent care with great sensitivity.


Dr. Harris is knowledgeable, accessible, attentive. She has been my physician for 30 years, that probably says it all!!


Excellent doctor, very thorough and compassionate.


She understood my lab test results far better than my “”acclaimed”” internist. She answered all of my questions. I definitely will return. I am dropping my other gynecologist connected with University Hospital in favor of this doctor.


I have incredible confidence in Dr. Harris and really appreciate the time she takes and the personalized approach to my care.


My Doctor is patient, knowledgeable and kind. She takes the time to understand my personal needs and carefully explains the complicated medical lingo most doctors gloss over.


I trust Dr Harris. Her vast experience and in depth knowledge of all gynecological issues set her apart in the world of OBGYN’s. I’ve been her patient for 33 years. Shes delivered both of my boys, seen me through divorce and recoupling, and has been a tremendous source of help and knowledge during it all.


She’s the best–been going to her for almost forty years. My first diaphragm, my first baby, menopause, and beyond.


Maria was so easy to talk to and she was very informative. I just started this journey and I’m very hopeful. She is very easy to get in touch with and any questions you have she is willing to answer.


If i can use one word to describe Dr. Harris would be beautiful. She is kind and funny and dare i say loving!


As always, Dr. Harris was thoughtful, expert, and wise. I entered unsure, and left confident. Mary E.


My Doctor was knowledgeable, patient, and thorough. She answered all my questions and really put me at ease. Her laidback and friendly demeanor made it easy for me to talk to her. Needless to say I’ll be going back!


Dr. Harris is the reason I am feeling 99% better today! She told me to go get an MRI and I found out the reason I had been having pain. She is one of the only knowledgable gynecologists who specializes in pain conditions. Highly recommend!


Dena was thoughtful, thorough, and patient during my visit. She asked me all the right questions, going well beyond where most gynecologists will venture, making me feel cared for in a holistic way. Dena instills a sense of trust. I feel like I can tell her anything I need to, knowing she will provide sound advice and a path forward.


My Doctor was personable and knowledgeable, and most importantly, thorough in both her oral consultation and physical examination. I’m very glad to have met her!


My Doctor is professional, easy to talk to, interesting, knowledgeable and completely non-judgmental. She did not make me feel rushed or uncomfortable at any time and was very thorough, so happy I found her!!


Dr Harris is very compassionate and takes as much time as necessary with each patient. She is also quite experienced and knowledgeable. She is very thorough in her diagnostic process.


I love my visits to this practice. I’ve been a patient for 20+ years Everyone is pleasant, professional and efficient. I used to see Dr. Coady then switched to Dr. Harris when Dr. Coady stopped practicing. Love them both. Dr. Harris is sensitive, knowledgeable and appropriately reassuring.


Dr. Davison is very meticulous and knowledgeable, making sure that all my questions and concerns are addressed. She cares about her patient and is gentle during the examination process.


Dr. Harris is a wonderful person and a great clinician.


An appointment with Dr Harris makes the annual GYN exam a day to look forward too.


MEGAN M.Dr. Harris is very attentive and has been working really hard to help me find a solution to my current medical problem. She is always thinking of something new we could try, which is nice because many doctors before have given up on me.


I have come to Dr. Harris for many years as I wouldn’t ever want to go anywhere else. Dr. Harris is probably the rarest gem in all of Manhattan (or anywhere else for that matter ) when it comes to gynecologists as she gives such personalized attention, actually listens to you, and is really smart, experienced, and knows what she is doing. She is just fabulous!


I have been a patient of Dr. Harris for over 25 years. The care she provides is extraordinary – and she truly cares for my whole person. Dr. Harris holds the central spot in my medical care and I trust her implicitly. Simply the best.


My appointment was great. I really liked how attentive she was and asking questions to really get down to the information she needed to help me! I look forward to continued visits.


I just had my first appointment with Dr Vial and it was probably the best doctor’s visits I have ever had. She was patient and listened, digging out all the relevant information from my medical history. I think a good doctor is like a detective – pieces together information and uses judgement and experience to diagnose – rather than relying on tests which are often inconclusive – and she embodied this, piecing information together. She also gave me as much time as needed, answering all my questions – the appointment lasted well over 2 hours and I didn’t for a moment feel rushed. I have a high sense of confidence in her treatment and am really happy to have discovered her at Soho Gynaec.


Dr. Levey and staff are the most caring and knowledgeable practice always willing to take the time to truly listen and help. They have given me the strength to continue winning my battle against endometriosis. I would highly recommend Dr. Levey and staff to anyone dealing with pelvic pain!!


My Doctor really went the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of and that he covered all basis.


I must say that each and every time I come to your clinic, everyone there from the young ladies at the front desk to Dr. Levey has made my experience pleasant. All offices should be as pleasant. Thank you.


Dr. Levey is one of the greatest he did my surgery and discharged me the same day i was able to walk around ,i drove after 5 days. I have no regrets going to him i did research on the internet and found him he is very gentle and listen to all your problems ,very helpful staff ,i will recommend any one to visit him .i will surely and happily keep him as my GYN Doctor.


My Doctor is very sweet and professional. She makes the yearly check-up easy and efficient, rather than a headache that it is at some offices.


I visited Dr. Ostrov as a new patient today and was more than pleasantly surprised at how kind she was, and how comfortable I felt in her care. Not only was she thorough and efficient, but she was personable and attentive as well.


Thorough, understanding and easy to talk to…explains everything….taken on time


I have visit many doctors for my problem, many just gave up on, but my Doctor is just amazing. She is careful and knows what she does, feel very comfortable. The clinic is really nice, and the people who work there are very professional and kind.


Dr Hobbs, takes the time to talk to you and understand your concerns in what can be a very difficult decision. She explains all the possible treatment option so you can have peace of mind that you’re doing what beat for your condition. She is warm and very receptive and an attentive listener. I was very please while under her care.


She’s great! explains everything really well and puts me at ease.


Everyone at the office was cheerful and friendly. Shout out to Erika for allowing me to just email my insurance over.My Doctor is a very straightforward and understanding doctor. She makes the whole process easy and most importantly, quick! This is the most pleasant gynecology appointment I’ve ever had and that included the paper work process. Even though the office was understaffed, everything went smoothly and the total wait time was very minimal (10 min) which is nothing compared to other offices and clinics.


As usual I always have a very pleasant experience Dr. Hudson saved my life she is most knowledge Dr. I have meet. Thanks to her staff -very friendly and helpful Una Galligan loyal patient.


Very patient and informative.




Always professional and thorough. Great Dr and staff.


Doctor Levey was extremely helpful – as usual!!


Always friendly and efficient!


As always, my experience was excellent, starting with the receptionist who was very friendly and efficient. As for Dr. Hudson, she is just wonderful. She is an excellent physician, and a caring human being. She took the time to hear my concerns and answer all my questions.


My experience with Dr. Ostrov was great. She is pleasant, cares about her patients and is knowledgeable. She took the time to answer all my questions and explain anything I was uncertain of. I would highly recommend her.


Dr Hudson has so much experience, knowledge, skill, and intuitive smarts that I trust her implicitly with her diagnosis and recommendations. She is straightforward, efficient, kind, and an all-around gem of a doctor. I can’t recommend her enough!


She was kind and made me feel comfortable.


I have never had a doctor take as much time explaining everything to me as Dr. Ostrov. I learned more at my appointment than I had learned in 20 years with other Obgyns. I have since recommended Dr. Ostrov to friends and family.


Super informative!


Great experience!


I really enjoyed my visits with Dr. Hudson. She is a seasoned doctor who offered solutions to the problems. She took her time to explain all the scenarios and the following steps to my circumstances. She is strong, super confident and her confidence inspired me too. I recommend her highly to patients who look for clear and concise help.


Great experience, I didn’t have to wait longer than few minutes. Dr. Podolski is very knowledgeable and kind, the procedure took short time and it was painless.


Dr. Ostrov is kind and very informative.


Overall positive. Doctor was on time and I was not left waiting for very long for my appointment to start. She was knowledgeable and friendly, but seemed a bit hurried. I remembered something I needed to tell her toward the end of the appointment, but she sort of hurried out. It’s not an urgent matter, and so I’ll bring it up next appointment.


The Dr seems very nice. My visit was short but I am guessing the follow up will be better.


I had a great experience with Dr. Hudson today. She was thorough and seemed very knowledgeable. In addition, she made me feel at ease.


Great doctor.


Dr. Hudson is very knowledgable and completely thorough. She takes the time to really explain what’s going on and makes sure you understand what’s happening. She is a great doctor and easy to talk to. I’ll be continuing to visit her for my exams.


My Doctor is always great and is available to answer any questions.


Thank you for seeing me so quickly and discussing with me certain health concerns I was experiencing.


Dr. Ostrov explained everything to me very clearly and was patient when I had questions.


Dr Datta is great and knows what she’s doing I had an ovarian Cyst removed by her and wouldn’t have asked for anyone else to perform it on me. It’s been two months and I feel great.no pains,no discomfort.thank you Dr Datta.


Dr. Hudson is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything.


I felt very comfortable with the Dr. Hudson. Quick and easy visit.


Good and quick.


Quick and thorough, prepared me for next steps. Could tell she’s experienced and knows what she is talking about!


Amazing! Dr. Ostrov always makes me feel comfortable and supported. So glad I finally found a GYN that I like!!


Dr. Ostrov always listens and is very thorough. I trust her as my doctor.


Friendly staff and My Doctor is great!!! Did not need to wait long either.


Very professional and considerate. Highly recommend.


Dr. Hudson is the best! I can always count on her for a solid, assured diagnosis. She explains everything well in a no nonsense manner. I was in and out there in no time. Highly recommend.


Very informative and knowledgeable about the field.


Dr. Podolsky is very professional and easy to talk to as well. She explains everything in a way that you really understand it!


Very good.


Thank you Dr. Hudson!


Very nice, knowledgeable.


Have been coming to this office for about 4 years now and this was the first time that I saw Dr. Davison and I really liked her. She is sweet, patient, thorough and took time to address my concerns. She did not rush me at all. I will definitely be using her going forward. To make the visit even better, I came on my lunch hour and taken right.


Great experience, they were on time and Dr was professional and took the time to explain things.


Dr. Hudson makes appointments comfortable even when it’s an issue that can be very uncomfortable to talk about. She listens and and is always willing to answer any questions. The appts are also thorough, but quick and efficient.


Almost no wait time. Beautiful, clean office. Dr. Ostrov was kind, caring and very professional.


I’ve been dr. Hudson’s patient for over 8 years. She is very professional, knowledgeable and sharp. I never leave without any of my questions being answered. Her responses are very clear and informative. I’m very pleased with her being my obgyn.


Great every time!


Dr. Hudson is always so kind and great at explaining what’s going on during the appointment. Not to mention, she’s very efficient so you never feel like you’re sitting around waiting.


Dr Ostrov was very pleasant and thorough during my first appointment as a new patient. I recently had to switch gynecologists and am happy to have found her. The staff was also very helpful and accommodating to me when I made my appointment.


Dr. Hudson is very quick but still thorough. She does not sit around to make small talk (which I love), she will answer any question you may have.


Knowledgeable and reassuring.


Have been seeing Dr Hudson for years. She is quick thorough and very nice. If you have questions she is happy to take the time to walk you through them.


Great Experience in the office!


Dr. Hudson was extremely fast, thorough, and understanding. She had excellent bedside manner and took the time to reassure me regarding any concerns I might have.


Very nice and friendly. Took time to discuss my concerns and was very patient with many questions. Prompt appointment too. Didn’t have to wait long from the time I checked in to see the doctor. Great service all around.


Always a great annual check with Dr. Hudson! She has been my GYN since I was 24. I am now 38 years old. She is the best! Thank you!


This is my first visit to this office and I was very satisfied with how I was taken care of. The receptionist was polite and helpful and the rest of the staff was pleasant. Dr. Hudson was amazing. She did not rush any part of the visit and I was able to ask questions without feeling like I was annoying her or being rushed by her. Dr. Hudson explained EVERY part of what I was about to experience with ease and clarity. Again, if there was something I wasn’t clear about, she graciously explained it to me. I will certainly revisit this office if necessary and would highly recommend Dr. Hudson. I had a very bad experience with a previous office so I walked in to this place very hesitant and nervous. Dr. Hudson took all my fears away and I’m so glad to have found this place. You won’t regret choosing this office and if you can, book your appointment with Dr. Hudson. You will not be disappointed.


Always great to see a great competent doctor.


Thorough and responsive.




Positive experience, my Doctor is very knowledgeable and helpful each visit!


Dr. Ostrov was very thorough. I was a new patient and she went over my history and she had a great personality. I would definitely recommend her.


Always a good appointment with Dr Hudson! Great office staff and nurses as well.


Thorough, not rushed, answered all questions and concerns….. excellent professional care.


I had my first visit with Dr. Ostrov and she was great. She was very informative and answered all my questions and covered everything I would need to know. She is very kind and easy to talk to. My first visit went very well. I would most certainly recommend her.


My Doctor is thorough and makes one feel comfortable . She is friendly and makes the tests comfortable.


Great, thorough staff.


Very thorough, felt comfortable asking questions and voicing concerns.


After first seeing a doctor that provided no answers, Dr. Podolsky finally helped me! I am appreciative for her ability to both listen to my concerns and provide answers/explanations that were easy to understand. The entire staff was welcoming, kind, and remembered me when I returned for my follow up appointment. I am so happy to have finally found a trustworthy GYN in Manhattan that I can see!


Caring as a friend, precise and efficient as a doctor.


What a great experience for an appointment no woman looks forward to. Dr. Ostrov was very thorough, kind and had a wonderful bedside manner. Everyone in the office was very pleasant.


Dr. Ostrov always makes me feel comfortable during visits and answers all of my questions. I really appreciate that she takes the time to explain my condition to me. I’m glad that I have a compassionate, knowledgeable doctor like her.


Excellent, efficient and on-time.


Dr Hudson has been my GYN for 10 years. I have had several others prior to that and she is by far the best. I have referred friends and my mom to her. Dr Hudson explains everything in a way you will understand, great with questions, and you are in and out of the appointment in good time. I highly recommend Dr Hudson as a doctor.


Very kind. Very positive experience.


The most informative session with an obgyn. She is kind and sensitive but direct and does a very thorough work up to ensure a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.


Knowledgeable, very friendly, caring and minimal wait times.


Very knowledgeable and patient. Kept me informed every step of the way.


Wears his heart on the outside. He’s patient, he listens and he is always smiling. He performed my surgery last month and although I was a nervous wreck, his demeanor helped put me at ease and everything went great. I certainly would recommend his services to those seeking a knowledgeable, skilled and professional doctor.


Dr. Hobbs is amazing! I never felt so comfortable with any previous Gyn doctors until I met her.


Dr Elizabeth Ramos, my PC & Dr Harry Gruenspan my Endocronologist, have been treating me some years now. They are both Kind, Caring, Passionate & listens to your concerns attentively. The administrative Staff, is very polite as well as the assistants.


She really takes time to listen to any questions or concerns, and patiently addresses them. She is patient and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable and feel heard. I highly recommend Dr. Blanton.


I had my first visit with Dr. Ramos, she is wonderful, She was very informative and answered all my questions and covered everything I would need to know, Dr. Ramos is the best there is I will surely recommend Dr. Ramos to my Family and Friends.


Dr Harry Gruenspan is the finest primary physician I am fortunate to have.


Dr. Harris has been a caring, sensitive person as well as an excellent diagnostician. I have been a patient of hers for many years, and highly recommend her.


I have never felt more comfortable with my doctor here. She is the most amazing doctor I have ever experienced and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.


I’m so thankful to have found Dr. Hobbs when I first moved to New York a few years ago! She’s extremely patient and knowledgable, and always makes sure to fully hear me out before jumping to a solution or diagnosis, as other doctors can sometimes do. Couldn’t recommend her enough!


Best Doctors and staff always there to answer any questions I may have. Very Caring, and knowledgeable Would Highly recommend.


Dr. Mellow is the absolute best.


Pap smear is not a fun thing to do. Love dr Shannon Hudson. From the time you check in to the time u leave is approx half hour. So professional and quick. Have been going there for years.




Everyone is always very polite. Dr. Blaume is the best, she’s nice, kind and very straight forward. She’s always clear in her communications and I really love her! The whole staff is great!


This is all so new to me what happened and I’m happy to say that I’m taking steps back to my normal life. Thanks Dr. Blanton and Dr. Zocca for helping me get my life back on track.


The fastest time I have ever experienced at a physician’s office. Very thorough care.


I have always found Dr. Mellow appropriately intelligent and attentive to my needs when I see her. I value her advice highly.


Was seen pretty much right away, felt right at home with Dr. Podolsky. She answered all my questions and made sure I understood the answers.


Dr Harris is the brightest and the best! I’ve had surgery, treatment for a chronic condition , hormone replacement therapy and general gynecological care. She is a wonderful, patient doctor and I’m so glad I found her!


Excellent doctor in convenient location in bright, well-appointed building, easy to make appointments.


I absolutely love my two doctors I have visited at Maiden Lane. I feel very comfortable and good during every visit. The front desk staff could be a little nicer and more welcoming, but other than that, I have had an overall great experience!


Dr. Blanton is lovely and I will absolutely be returning to her. The only snafu I experienced was that the office recently moved across the street but there isn’t much indication of where the new office is. They are now located at 415 W Broadway 5S. Press 5S on the intercom and you will be let in!


Considerate, knowledgeable and super helpful when it comes to referrals and procedures.


The professionals at Maiden Lane have provided prompt, personal care with attentive and informative follow-up. I am pleased with the friendliness and positivity I encounter there.


The office staff is incredibly nice; it’s a breeze to make an appointment. The new office is so bright and clean – much bigger than the old office. I fricking love Dr. Blume. She is always patient, thorough, and doesn’t think any question or thought is crazy. Very compassionate!


I have followed Dr. Gruenspan to Maiden Lane. The support staff was very diligent and friendly, particularly when my annual physical was followed two days later with additional tests to accommodate a procedure clearance. I am not quite sure if the space under construction is the entirety of future space, however, the waiting room as I recently experienced is much too small and uncomfortable.


The best clinic and doctor in NYC.


My wife and I just had our annual physicals with Dr. Harry Gruenspan, our long time internist. He was the incredibly knowledgeable, superbly thorough, sensitive physician we’ve always known him to be. Maiden Lane is fortunate to have him on board.


I had a great experience at Maiden Lane Medical. The staff at check in is efficient and courteous. And I love my OBGYN Janette Davison.


Best care in N.Y.C. !


I’ve been going to this location for the past 3 years I believe. They are very professional and their new location is great! I see Dr. Blanton I find that she is amazing, I would recommend her for sure!


I had a very thorough visit with Dr. Davidson. She took her time to explain what was going on and what steps we need to take. I appreciated how much time she spent with me during my visit and how involved she was. I would definitely recommend Maiden Lane Medical.


The service was fantastic. Thank you!!


My Dr. Mekdes Hailu is wonderful she goes beyond the call of duty to make sure you get the right medication and service. I really appreciate her. Also your staff that answers the phone are excellent they go beyond the call of duty as well to make sure your doctor gets the right information (messages) from you.


Dr. Janette Davison is the best doctor. She is kind and takes her time with her patients. She was able to diagnose my condition immediately and helped me through my options for surgery or not. When surgery was the best option she was thorough and made me and my whole family feel confident and well cared for. She was able to pinpoint and find the exact reasons for my pain. She found problems that were actually missed by my previous surgeon. She is an absolute expert. After surgery she has followed my recovery and helped me through it. She has also helped me with follow ups and has been sure I have gotten the best immediate care. I cannot say enough about this doctor! I am not sure where I would be right now if I had not switched from 4 other doctors, making me feel like the pain was not real. Really she has given me back my quality of life!


Dr. Ostrov is absolutely amazing ! I will never go to another gyno ever again. I have been seeing her for about 3-4 years. The gyno has never been my favorite place but every time I go see her, I have zero anxiety cause I am just so happy to see her and know she will make my experience as comfortable as possible. Love her!


Dr Zocca was very helpful. I am looking for a permanent fix vs fixing the immediate problem. I am still waiting to see if she is in network. According to Zocdoc she is in network.


Dr. Ostrov has excellent bedside manner. She makes you comfortable, but is very professional. She makes the visit as easy and fast as possible. Truly an awesome dr.


Everyone is friendly, informative, and thoughtful. I feel that I’m in very good hands here!


Very professional, gentle, clean and attentive.


Dr.Zocca is the best. Professional, knowledgeable and clear.


Dr. Blanton is the best doctor I ever had. She was referred to me at a time when I started to give up hope. She is thorough, understanding, kind and sincere.


Dr. Davidson is very thorough, professional and caring physician. Easy to talk to and responds to all your queries and concerns.


Dr. Davison is fantastic and takes great care inner approach and as a surgeon.


Dr.Ostrov has helped me through some challenging gynecological issues with an incredible amount of patience, kindness and respect. I completely trust her to be a partner in my health.

S. K.

I have had the best care and experience with Janette Davison, MD. and staff. You can’t find a better doctor that listens and truly cares. A wonderful and gifted surgeon.


I tried many different OB-GYNs prior to finding Dr. Hudson. She is great. Very smart, knowledgeable, straightforward and non-judgmental. She is up on the latest research and presents you with options. I have had a history of fybriods, heavy periods and post-menopausal bleeding. She did a D & C several years ago and recently a uterine biopsy. She is the first doctor who didn’t make me pass out with pain for the uterine biopsy. And as a final plus, the office is nice and the wait times are minimal! I would highly recommend her.


I love Dr. Davison! She’s caring and professional. So far this has been the best doctor experience in New York.


Appointments with Dr.Rebecca Podolsky are always a breeze! The service is quick and professional and I never have to wait long or at all to see her. She addresses all my questions and concerns while making me feel completely comfortable and at home.


Dr. Podolsky is judgment free and always open to answering any questions I may have. I trust her wholeheartedly and she is truly a wonderful physician.


The team was phenomenal and it was a straight forward experience. I came in early and they were able to accommodate me. I was in and out and received quality care. Doctor Bakal was thorough and answered all of my questions.


Enjoy going to this office, the receptionist are always alert to taking care of the client, all goes very smoothly and on time. Dr. Hudson has great bed manners with her patients.


I love Dr Davidson, I loved the anesthesiologist.


Everything was as expected. It’s a little weird to do my pee test by peeing into a paper cup though? Just seemed….less official? I also wish they had more printed information or guides for people who think they might be pregnant – as an educated type-A New Yorker, I was hoping for some literature to read and lists of medicines to avoid, etc, while waiting for the results of my blood test. But yay, I AM indeed preggers, so I just did all the research myself, so I hope I am doing all the right things!


Dr. Janette Davison is far and above the best gynocologist I have ever had (and I’ve seen a few!). She is intelligent, attentive, gentle and clearly dedicated to her practice. I have complete trust in her.


Very caring, professional and makes the patient feel comfortable during every visit.


Always explains everything, gives me all the options. Very professional, courteous and caring. Also the office is well run, I never have to wait long to be seen, and the patient portal works well.


Dr Hobbs is great, I’ve always had positive experiences here


Very well organized office (short wait) and portal.
Doctor Ostrov is courteous and caring. She explains everything and answers all my questions.


Everything well explained by doctor bakal
Great personal!!

Pedro A.

Dr. Blanton is highly professional and very knowledgeable. She is very assertive yet pay very close attention to minor details. I now have a sense of relief knowing that I found a provider that genuinely cares and provides the proper treatment that meet my needs.
Thank You Dr. Blanton

Suzette T.

Everyone was really kind and nice and I did not wait long. Dr. Blanton is really friendly and makes you feel comfortable. Good experience.

Christine K.

My doctor was amazing. She was professional, attentive and kind.


My doctor was very pleasant and easy to talk to. She was
extremely knowledgeable and addressed all my issues and concerns. Very positive experience!

janice a.

Dr. Davison was knowledgeable, warm, and a skilled professional. This was my first visit with her and I was most impressed


Dr. Podolsky was super caring and thorough. Each time I visited with her, she gave me ample time to talk about all needs and answered any questions.

cindy p.

I love that I never have to wait for more than a few minutes when visiting Dr. Hudson. She is a very knowledgeable, direct, doctor who will answer questions honestly and confidently. Sometimes, it can be hard to reach her via her staff, best to use the office portal.

Cyndy M.

Dr Dena Harris has helped me a lot, she is very professional and knowledgeable and I can se she is very concern about me as her patient.
If I need to talk to her and she is not at the office she will call me back.
I am having hormonal therapy , I recommend her 100%

Leonora D.

Always happy with my visits at Maiden Lane Medical. Everyone are great. I truly appreciate Janette Davison for all that she does for me.

Thank you all!

Therese R.

Great Service

Gladys E.

I love Dr. Mellow. Would never go to a different doctor. The office is nice and clean. The reason for two stars is that the office is unreachable via phone or email. I end up waiting for more than 2 hours. I became so agitated that my blood pressure was high. This absolutely what SHOULD NOT happen in the doctor’s office. If I were able to reach the office staff I would come much later. And this opinion was shared with other patients waiting in the room.

Elona H.

I am extremely appreciative of the care I received from Dr Ellen Mellow.

As always, she was thorough and sensitive.
She addressed my issues with diligence.

I travel several hours to get to her office
and will continue to do so because I have great confidence in her abilities and her proactive approach.

Thank you.
Dorothea Donus

Dorothea D.

Dr. Ellen Mellow is wonderful, I’ve been going to her for many years now. She really listens to her patients and spends time getting to know about their overall health.

The staff is also courteous and helpful.

Suzanne R.

I have been going to Dr. Hudson for a number of years now and she never steers me in the wrong direction, always upfront and listen to my concerns and provides professional care.

Joyce G.

My visit with Dr. Shannon was great. She is professional, no nonsense and to the point. I have been battling with menopausal symptoms for a while and was frustrated and confused. Dr. Shannon laid it all out for me. It was a tremendous weight off my mind to understand what the heck was going on with my body! Big thank you!


I absolutely enjoyed meeting and speaking with Dr. Zocca. She was very friendly, personable and knowledgeable. I’ve been having lower back pain forever and after out visit I felt confident that what she prescribed for me would work. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a pain management specialist.

Pat A.

Thank you for an excellent service! Dr.Hudson is my doctor and she is excellent.I have been her patient for 10+ years. I love this practice,the staff are always helpful and very accomodating to my needs. Thank you for such great care.

L. Z.

Dr. Hudson always gets 5 stars.
She is very knowledgeable and pleasant.
She always answers all questions and recommends the best treatment.

Marina T.

Dr. Bakal and I go back almost fifteen years. While I was always happy to see him in his other office, Maiden Lane, by comparison, is spacious and bright. My check-ins are handled in a quick and friendly manner. My waiting time never exceeds the time of my appointment.
Dr. Bakal, on the other hand, has not changed. He remains the personable and enthusiastic man inside the white coat that he has been since our first encounter. HIs examinations are gentle, yet thorough. His manner is professional yet never detached.
In short, Dr. Bakal is a man with whom I feel I could discuss any medical issue as easily as the weather. I respect his medical opinions and look forward to many more years in his care.

Ben W.

Very good, I appreciate the thoroughness. Thank you!

Stephanie C.

Dr. Mekdes Hailu Very caring, professional and makes the patient feel comfortable during every visit…

Kima M

I have been a patient of Dr. Hudson for years. She has a great bedside manner and is always quick to reply when I have a question. Most importantly, she monitors my progress and follows up with big and small issues. I trust her and would recommend her to anyone looking for an OBGYN.

Elizabeth A.

It was a great experience. Dr. Weber emailed me to check how I was feeling. I’ve never had any doctor asked me how I was doing after my appointment.

Dadeyba G.

Dr. Kaufman is a caring, wonderful doctor who has a terrific sense of humor as well as being an excellent physician. He listens to his patients and freely discusses any information he has concerning a patient’s concerns.

Angelica W.

Dr. Hudson has been my gynecologist for many years. She is very knowledgeable , professional and a good listener. She has always answered my questions and has performed whatever diagnostic procedures indicated. I have full confidence in her as my doctor.

Phyllis B.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell
you what a good doctor, Dr.Shannon Hudson is. She is compassionate, thoughtful and thorough. You are lucky to have her on your team, and I am even luckier to have her as my physician.
Rochelle P.

Rochelle P.

Dr. Ostrov is wonderful. She is very friendly and makes the check-up process very easy. She is very thorough and I always feel that I leave knowing the results of my visit timely. She is also very responsive to any questions I have via the portal. Would recommend her to anyone looking for an OBGYN.

Ryan W.

Dr. Davison is very attentive and thorough. She is personable and makes you feel at ease during the appointment.

Susan W.

Dr. Hudson is an experienced very knowledgeable gynecologist who addressed my concerns. I have been her patient for many years and she always takes time to explain and answer any questions that I have. I have the utmost confidence in her and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a gynecologist.

Phyllis B.

Dr. Hudson is very friendly and efficient. Took time to sit with me to discuss and answer all my question. Listened to what I was saying and didn’t rush me out of the office. I had no wait time in the office.


Easy, breezy appointment and staff and doctors that listen to you!


Love Dr. J Davidson

Ana L.

knowledgeable, efficient, caring, loyal

Melinda m.

I visited Dr. Davison for my annual check up for the first time . I found her very knowledgeable and welcoming. She was able to answer all my questions. Dr. Davison truly cares about her patients. Dr. Davison paid attention to details and this was reflected in the summary visit report available on portal.


Dr Hailu is the best! She is very thorough, listens and genuinely cares.


Never a long wait, quick appointments, love my doctor!

Francis P.

Maiden Lane Medical is conveniently located and well-managed. My appointments are always timely and payment, sign-in, etc. are easy. Dr. Davison is a kind, thorough, and very knowledgeable professional. She takes a holistic perspective to her work. She’s one of the best doctors I’ve interacted with in NYC in my 30 plus years of living here.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Bakal for approximately 15 years and; there has never been a time when I’ve been dissatisfied with his services. Always courteous, professional and correct.


I have been seeing Dr. Harris for many years and she is simply the best! I have all the confidence in her as my gyn. She is a great listener, kind, and very skilled and well informed.

Susan RJ

This was my third visit with Dr. Davison, and I plan to continue seeing her at Maiden Lane as long as she’s there. Dr. Davison has excellent bedside manners and her examination was very thorough.


I am so happy I switched doctors. Everyone is this office is very helpful and always extremely pleasant! The office is clean and well kept. I wish every doctor’s office was like this!

Elizabeth Eaton

Always a great experience from start to finish. I love my doctor, very thorough and always direct. No missed info and will give guidance and direction in real time, for all matters asked.


I always have a pleasant experience when going to Maiden Lane Medical. Dr. Nikole Ostrov is fantastic! She’s very thorough and extremely nice. Overall very professional staff. They are all helpful and courteous.


Office staff is wonderful and patient. Doctor Brigoni has an amazing demeanor.


I absolutely LOVE the APP!! This has been the most exciting part of going to the doctor!! I came to NYC for a new GYN and found Dr. Davison. What can I not say about her? I feel she has amazing bedside manner, is very knowledgeable and caring. I also have the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Hailu whom I feel is also amazing. She is so approachable, even when she “scolding” you for not being compliant!!!! I LOVE Maiden Lane, and To aALL the staff, YOU are all amazing too!! Keep up the awesome work!


I am really grateful for all of the excellent care I’ve received from my doctor and all of the staff at Maiden Lane Medical. She is extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, friendly, and kind. She has always been receptive to the questions and concerns I’ve had that previous doctors have dismissed. I recently came in to get an IUD inserted and I was extremely nervous about the procedure, but the doctor and all the staff put me at ease at every step.


Dr. Mellow treats me with respect and is devoted to her patients.


I have been seeing Dr. Hudson for over 3 years, it has been very refreshing to have a knowledgeable physician explain results and options in a no nonsense way. I am very grateful to have her as my gynecologist.

jennifer b.

Dr Harris is the most caring and brilliant doctors I’ve ever met. My exams are quick and easy and she talks to you the whole time so you feel relaxed and safe.


I have been seeing Dr Levey for almost 20 years. He is the most detailed, thorough and attentive doctor, with the most gentle manner. He has operated on me for endometriosis multiple times and has gone so far as to extend me his personal cell number for aftercare concerns. I highly recommend him to anyone with pelvic pain issues, endometriosis or other special conditions. I would trust anyone in his practice, but he is my go-to.


My experience with Dr. Davison was great- she listened to my concerns, helped pinpoint the problem and found a quick solution. One of the best doctor experiences in NYC!


5 stars & more!Great friendly service. Everything done in 1 place.


Dr Zocca was so detailed & gentle & reassuring. I very much appreciate that service at every visit.


I went to Dr. Davison in February and she wasted no time helping me to address my health issues. She listens and explains; I feel taken care of and like I’ve known her for years.
I trust her and I highly recommend her, she’s great!


Once I come to the office everyone is very helpful and efficient. Dr. Hudson is wonderful.
My big problem is trying to call the office. I can’t get a live person to speak to. Even if it’s from a physician they can’t get through to a live person, too. It’s frustrating, especially if an answer is needed right away.
I leave a message and I may get a call back a day or two later.


Dr. Zocca is a wonderful, caring doctor. She definitely shows concern for what is in the best interest of her patients. I have had two rounds of SI Joint injections and she has always made sure to answer any questions I have had and also followed up to see how I was doing – even on the weekend. She is knowledgeable and careful. She has helped me manage my chronic lower back pain much better.


Great care as always!




I have gone to Dr. Shnnon Hudson for the past 3 years or so, and highly recommend her. She is knowledgeable and helpful, and will take time to explain things fully and answer all questions.
All of the nurses and staff are very friendly and helpful as well.
My one criticism is that when I tried to get my appt. results from the website, I tried for 10 minutes carefully following the procedure, and it is still not working. I wish that instead, Maidenn Lane would just send a result letter from the doctor emailed directly to my personal email, because this is very frustrating. Thank you.


Took me so long to find a replacement to my old Doc.
Dr. Hudson is fantastic, I’m so glad I found her.


Shannon Hudson is a wonderful doctor.


Great care as always


Dr Hudson is understanding, honest, and has a very impressive number of yrs of experience. I’ve never stayed with a doctor this long! Another big plus is the office never makes you wait long and the appt times are efficient.


Dr. Harris has been my doctor for over 30 years. She is is bright, thorough, and capable. With her I know I am in good hands. Great doctor who always makes me feel confortable.

Marielena Hurvich

Maiden Lane Medical is the best! Any time I’ve gone my doctors have been so patient and kind. They make sure I’m educated on anything going on with my body and that I’m aware of anything they’re doing during the check up. They even called me after I finished my prescription not check on my symptoms! They also keep it so clean and comfortable! I have 0 complaints!


For my annual visit or those “in-between” visits, Dr. Podolsky and her team are amazing. They make me feel extremely comfortable. Thank you!


I was referred to Dr. Davidson by a close friend and I haven’t been to anyone since. She is a responsive, patient and thoughtful professional who takes the time to truly understand my concerns and inform me with medical facts. Whether it be preventative or diagnostic, she is invested in my medical health and well-being. Through compassion and respect, Dr. Davidson exemplifies a standard of professionalism that more physicians should aspire to meet. While medical appointments are generally anxiety inducing, my experience with Dr. Davidson and the staff at Maiden Lane Medical is always wonderful. I’ll certainly continue rescheduling my appointments to align to her availability and referring others to this practice 🙂


Shannon Hudson was wonderful. She was very easy to talk to. She also managed to distract me so much that I actually didn’t think the procedure/Pap Smear was done.

I would definitely go back to her, her bedside manner and attitude made me feel very at ease.

The Office staff were also very friendly and helpful.

Everything was so straight forward, Thank you

Gemma Eccles

Amazing experience. will recommend to friends and family.

Genesis Polo

I have seen dramatic results with post-pardum recovery thanks to Kanchan. She is a pleasure to interact with and pushes me to improve each week.


My physical therapist is a very thoughtful and thinking person.


Dr Bakal is professional, courteous and prompt at responding to questions via messages on patient portal which can save you a trip to the office.


Kanchan Shenoy is the best PT I have had in the past 10 years, she has a different approach from any PT I know, she tries to understand what the problem is and what caused it, and works toward solving it instead of just treating symptoms. I highly recommend Kanchan!


I am delighted with this cabinet. People are great, very patient…
The cabinet is beautiful very bright and clean. I didn’t wait long before I was taking care of. My appointment went very well and fast. Loved it!


Wonderful Service! Highly Recommend!

Nasia V.

I received good service from Dr. Ron Bakal and his team there at Maiden Lane Medical


I received care from Annie and Kanchan for my hand pain due to cervical disk herniation. Both are wonderful therapists. Special thanks to Kanchan who took care of my pain in first session by recommending and guiding right exercises. If you are looking for a therapist for neck, back and hand pain, see Kanchan.


Dr. Kaufman is the BEST & his staff especially Liza were awesome!
Happy New Year!


Dr. Hailu is the best. I really appreciate her bed side manner and thorough evaluation when she examines me. Thank you.


I have been seeing Dr. Hudson for several years now and she is simply the best. She truly listens to any of your concerns and is swift with her response/guidance. The staff in the Midtown office is always professional, kind, and efficient.


Thank you for always being professional & addressing my question concerning the use of “Clips” during a standard mammogram & for referring me for a 3D imaging instead!

All the Best this New Year!

S. Acevedo

Very happy with the care I receive from Dr Hudson at Maiden Lane Medical


Very happy with care…professional, responsive, tech enabled (Eg check in, patient portal).

Dr Hailu is the best…great bedside manner, excellent communication.


I have never felt more comfortable with a doctor than i have with Emily Blanton.
She is incredibly smart and caring. I am not an easy patient and iI do not always have confidence in medical professionals. I trust Dr. Blanton completely and would recommend her to my closest friend or relative.


I’m very happy with care I receive from Dr.Ostrov. Always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. She is the best. Maiden lane staff is very professional, efficient I always was seen on appointment time by dr. Ostrov


Dr. Davison is by far one of the most professional and technically talented doctors I have ever come across. She is a brilliant surgeon who is also very compassionate and kind. She provides solid treatment options to achieve your health goals. She also ensures you have the best team taking care of your health needs. I went through a very difficult surgery and I was very thankful that Dr Davison handled it.

I would highly recommend Dr Davison as an OB GYN.


DR. BAKAL exemplifies everything the finest most professional physician should function with professionalism, compassion, understanding, open pleasant disposition with a kind friendly manner, listens intently to your concerns and makes for a comfortable relaxed situation, in short couldnt be better, he is the best in his field and is recognized as such by his peers and most important his patients, every other physician and employee i was in contact with in the office was friendly, professional and relaxed, the entire office was immaculate in cleanliness, the furniture was all new and of top comfort, in short an impressive experience, the best, thank you to all the employees and physicians starting with DR. BAKAL who sets the standaed of excellence you will find in this entire office !


my visit with dr Mellow was
Good experience. I will recommend her to friends and family.


After searching for about a year for a new pcp, I was so glad to have finally found one that accepted Medicare. I was very pleased with Dr. Mellow’s dedication to her profession and thoroughness in knowing her patients . However, I had never been in a doctor’s office almost seven hours for an appointment. Granted it was my first visit and “there was an emergency during the day”, I stayed because I badly needed a new pcp. I was impressed at how late the doctor kept the office open to serve her patients. In addition, the free one-year’s supply of a very costly drug helped mitigate the long wait. I am grateful for Dr. Mellow’s dedication and thoroughness.


I saw Dr. Hudson for the first time. She was very thorough, knowledgeable, explained the procedure, answered all my questions and had a very calming way about her. She was very gentle and had a light touch so the discomfort was minimal during the procedure. I would highly recommend her.


Very rarely do you meet a Doctor with the compassion and knowledge of Dr. Kaufman. My first visit in the waiting room I saw him hug a patient goodbye and say that he will be fine. He made me the same promise and it became a reality. Together we tackled it and he was open minded to science articles I sent him and afforded me as much time as I needed in office visits. Simply thank you for being the healer that you are. I must also share the no matter who was at reception, they were pleasant, helpful, and accommodating when I had conflicts with office visits. Wish every doctor’s office ran as efficiently. Their PT group was nothing short of exceptional and professional.


My experience with Maiden Lane Medical has been very favorable. I have found Dr. Blanton to be very competent, thorough, gentle and understanding. She is a pleasure to deal with.
The support staff, especially Stephanie, is also very pleasant and efficient.


Helpful advice! thank you!


I have been a patient of Dr. Kaufman for over ten years. He has both the medical skill and experiences along with the supportive personality we all hope for in a doctor. I have been very pleased with the support and engagement of the staff at Maiden Lane. Medical. They know how to deliver good customer service. I recommend Dr. Kaufman and his support team to anyone who looks for a true partner in your healthcare decisions and services.


My experience with Maiden Lane Medical has been great. I am very happy with Dr. Ostrov. She is effective and up to the point. She has a ready answer for every question that I have for her. I like to hear her advise and I feel very comfortable with her. Also I like the fast way she communicates with her patients through the “patient portal.”


Consistently great care. Surprisingly lean support for the practice given the comprehensive nature of Dr. Mellow’s care.


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Ron Bakal for over 5 years now and he is doing a fantastic job as a physician. Dr. Bakal is very thorough, professional and caring.


This was my first visit with Dr. Blanton . I was looking for a new OBGyn provider in general and I had some questions about my irregular periods as I am trying to get pregnant. Dr Blanton was very thorough in her questions, tests she ran, and plan moving forward. I feel confident about the plan and Dr Blanton was very reassuring.


I’ve always had great experiences with Dr. Levey. He was the only doctor who properly diagnosed me after 20 years of suffering with pain. I would highly recommend him (and I do) to others without any hesitation.


Dr. Blanton is truly amazing! She really takes the time to be thorough, answer all of your questions, and is invested in seeing any issues all the way through. It is so comforting knowing that you’ll never leave the office feeling uneasy or without answers. I’m so happy I found an OBGYN that I feel comfortable with and trust. She’s professional and easy to talk to!


Maiden Lane has gotten better at signing us in without having to reenter our data. Which was really annoying. Being a repeat patient, not that anything had changed. And if it did we would tell the front desk about it. Otherwise, treatment is good and staff is proficient.


I saw Dr. Kaufman on a referral from a close and trusted friend of mine. I liked the way he patiently explained things, took time to answer my questions, and was attentive to my needs. I like his calm and professional manner. I am a new patient and I already feel secure and confident with him as my urologist. Early on I had a bit of a problem getting a phone call returned but that was more of an issue with a central switchboard number. I would have no hesitation referring Dr. Kaufman to someone looking for a good urologist


Dr. Kaufman recently accommodated me the same day at a much later time than my scheduled hour (due to a delayed subway service) to perform a cystoscopy.

His medical technique is excellent. His manner, always congenial and supportive.


I was fortunate to have Mukta Chauchan as my physical therapist. The prognosis after my spinal surgery was that I would probably spend the rest of my life wearing some kind of brace on my foot. While recovery was hard, and I was very discouraged, Mukta was always supportive and encouraged me. Within 6 months time, I am walking without the brace. I will be forever grateful to Mukta for the time she spent helping me.


To this point I find working with Dr. Kaufmann proactively.


I travel 3 hours to see Dr Levey. He was recommended by a coworker of mine who also saw him for endometriosis. She’s 5 years pain free after being under his care! After my initial appt with him, I’m very hopeful I too will be pain free when I am done with his treatment plan for me!


Dr. Nikole Ostrov is wonderful.
She is friendly and makes me feel very comfortable instead of embarrassed.
I would recommend her to my friends.


Dr. Blanton was friendly, professional and informative. The visit was a pleasure.


Dr. Mellow is an excellent doctor! She’s dedicated to her patients and makes sure to spend enough time with you to explain her diagnosis & care plan. If you’re looking for a doctor who takes a personal interest in your well being, Dr. Mellow is the doctor/cardiologist for you.




Dr. Barr took her time in getting my history down. She is excellent


So far I have had excellent care. The physical therapist listened to me and did hands on work to a greater extent then I have had at other fPT offices in the past.


Dr. Mellow is a very good cardiologist. She is very knowledgeable and really cares about her patients and the care she gives them. The only issue I have is the waiting time is usually quite long. I normally spend between 2-3 hours in the office and most of that is waiting time.


Dr. Tobin was empathetic, professional, and confident. I was a little afraid that pulling out a short IUD string would be difficult, but she did a great job. I felt comfortable the entire time I was there. I appreciate her being at the office and Maiden Lane Medical for being open on a Saturday morning.


Both employees from checking in, to technician’s help, and doctor’s treatment are welcoming and excellent. No problems of communication. Thank you.

Barbara Mosiello