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Maiden Lane Medical Community Standards

We value our patients and our employees. We are all working together to improve the health of patients and the work environment for our employees. This makes us a community. As such we want everyone to know how to be a valuable part of our Maiden Lane Medical community.  

These are our community standards. We expect all members of our community to adhere to these standards as they apply to the individual.  

  •       We will always treat each other with respect.  
  •       Discrimination of any type will not be tolerated 
  •       Never bully, harass, use profanity, threaten, yell, intimidate, or intentionally inflict harm on patients, staff, or providers. 
  •       Be honest at all times. 
  •       Honor the dignity and worth of all 
  •       Build relationships based on fairness, truthfulness, and trustworthiness.  
  •       Treat others the way you want to be treated. 
  •       Always communicate accurate, complete, and up-to-date information. 
  •       Respect other people’s time by: keeping an appropriate schedule, seeing patients on time,
          and making appointments (if you are a patient) that you will attend. 
  •       Review your care honestly and fairly and submit that feedback. 
  •       Safeguard patient data and adhere to HIPAA. 
  •       Work as a member of team that builds a system of which we can be proud and which of patients can depend on.