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Primary Care Physicians located in New York, NY

Maiden Lane Medical is a leading primary care medical practice, providing patients in New York, NY, with state-of-the-art care tailored for the unique needs of adults. In addition to treatments for acute and chronic issues, the practice offers preventive care to help patients avoid illness and disease.

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What is primary care?

Your Primary Care Physician (PCP) sees you for everyday health, wellness, and illnesses. This is your “regular” or “family” doctor who usually specializes in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, or General Practice. Your Primary Care Physician understands the “big picture” of your health and takes care of or coordinates any kind of healthcare services you may need, including:

  • Reviewing your prescription medications
  • Reviewing your lab test results
  • Referring you to a special clinical program that might help you
  • Referring you to a Care Manager to help you stay healthy
  • Giving you a flu shot and other preventive screenings
  • Referrals to a specialist
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Primary care medicine focuses on medical care for adults; specifically, all the tests, treatments, evaluations, and screenings focused on helping adults prevent, identify, and manage acute and chronic illnesses and other medical issues. Your primary care team also offers patient education and guidance to help adult patients understand their health needs and risks and take essential steps to stay healthy at every stage of life.

Is a primary care doctor the same as a family doctor?

No, some family doctors provide care for pediatric patients as well as adults. However, a primary care doctor offers care specifically tailored to the unique needs of adult patients and is skilled in diagnosing and identifying diseases more likely to occur in adulthood. Plus, primary care doctors can help patients get the care and lifestyle guidance they need to stay healthy as they get older, including essential screening tests that can identify many adult diseases in their earliest stages.

Does a primary care doctor perform physicals and routine office visits?

Yes, primary care doctors provide all the “usual” care provided by a general practitioner or primary care provider, emphasizing the diseases and medical conditions that are more common during adulthood.

In addition, a primary care doctor performs physical exams and orders medical screenings and other evaluations recommended for adults at different stages of life to support optimal wellness as the patient ages. Having an annual physical exam or checkup with a doctor specializing in primary care helps ensure adult patients get the most effective and most appropriate care based on their needs.

Annual checkups also ensure patients get important medical screenings, including screenings for breast cancer, cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer, bone density testing, heart disease, and other acute and chronic diseases. These appointments are also an excellent time to get critical immunizations to ward off diseases like shingles and hepatitis or “booster” shots to renew immunizations received during childhood.

How often do I need to see my primary care doctor?

That really depends on your health and wellness. We recommend that everyone see their PCP for their annual physical or wellness check. However, if you have any chronic health conditions, you might have more frequent appointments with your doctor to monitor your symptoms and health. For example, if you have high blood pressure, you may need routine appointments for your doctor to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment.

You can also make appointments with your primary care provider at Maiden Lane Medical if you get sick and need assistance. Our team can diagnose various illnesses and injuries, providing personalized care and prescriptions to help you recover quickly and safely.

What medical conditions can my primary care doctor diagnose and treat?

As your primary care doctor, we are your first point of contact for any medical concerns or changes. Due to the nature of this relationship, we diagnose and treat a comprehensive range of health issues. Some of the most prevalent health conditions that we see in our practice include:

This is not a comprehensive list. Our team of primary care doctors provides thorough exams and testing to identify the root cause of any changes in your health or well-being.

What else should I see my primary care doctor for?

In addition to annual wellness visits and chronic health issues, you can also make appointments when you get sick or notice a change in your health. Think of your doctor as the quarterback of your healthcare team. They keep an eye on your overall health and work with you to make and execute wellness plans to improve, protect, and maintain your health. 

Your PCP can provide referrals to specialists when necessary and work closely with them to ensure you receive joined-up and informed care at every stage of your journey.

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How do I find a good primary care doctor in NYC?

Finding the right primary care physician in NYC can be challenging. While we know that you receive high-quality care from the team here at Maiden Lane Medical, you should still do your research to find the right provider. You can read biographies and online reviews to learn about different providers’ approaches to care, bedside manner, and philosophy of treatment. 

If you’re looking for primary care in New York City, Maiden Lane Medical has seven offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Yonkers. You can make an appointment by calling or using our online scheduling tool.