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Board Certified Internist & Primary Care Physician
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"Finally found a doctor in NYC! It’s been quite the journey going to different doctors and having poor experiences. Elizabeth is wonderful. She takes time to talk through your questions and she goes into detail to help you understand why you’re experiencing a problem. I feel relieved to have a doctor I can trust."
Jessie W.

Dr. Elizabeth Edelstein is a board certified Internist and Primary Care Physician. She is accepting new patients at the Maiden Lane Medical Downtown, 90 Maiden Lane , 3rd Floor, New York, NY location. She received her BS in physiology and neurobiology from the University of Maryland College Park Scholars Program. She went on to earn her medical degree at University College Cork in Ireland where she achieved the academic distinction of College Scholar.

Dr. Edelstein completed her residency at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan where she served as an assistant chief resident. Prior to attending medical school, she worked for Harvard Medical School studying the neuro-circuitry of body weight control and for Johns Hopkins School of Medicine examining cancer stem cell mutations. During medical school she did clinical research in conjunction with the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre exploring the relationship of lifestyle and diet to gut microbiota and irritable bowel syndrome.

Dr. Edelstein’s clinical interests encompass preventative medicine, women’s health, and the mind-body connection in health and disease. She believes primary care provides a doctor-patient partnership that fosters open discussions to address the unique needs of her patients. She is passionate about providing comprehensive healthcare to help her patients feel well, fit, and happy.

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