Kumari Hobbs, MD

Board Certified Gynecologist

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Dr. Kumari Hobbs a board certified gynecologist at Maiden Lane Medical, who is fellowship trained by experts in the field of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and the management of pelvic pain. She can be found at out Downtown / Financial District location as well as the Midtown Manhattan office.

She completed her undergraduate coursework at UNC-Chapel Hill and medical school at New York University School of Medicine, where she also completed her residency training on Obstetrics and Gynecology. While at NYU, where she earned laparoscopic surgery and resident teaching awards, she gained an appreciation and interest for minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.

She then returned to UNC-Chapel Hill in order to pursue further training in minimally invasive surgery and pelvic pain with Drs. John Steege and Matthew Siedhoff, renowned practitioners in the field. There, she performed hundreds of complex laparoscopic gynecologic surgeries, including advanced endometriosis, large ovarian masses, hysterectomy of large uteri as well as removal of multiple large fibroids through small incisions. She also successfully treated many women with pelvic pain who were referred from locations around the South East.

In addition to her extensive clinical training, Dr. Hobbs also obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Research. She is passionate about training others as well as conducting clinical research in order to improve outcomes for patients. She has numerous peer-reviewed publications and is an active participant in minimally invasive gynecologic surgical societies.

Dr. Kumari Hobbs is known to be a caring, understanding physician who is extremely competent in her field. She is excited to apply the knowledge she has obtained in her fellowship in order to provide state of the art care for her patients in New York City. Her number one goal is her patient’s speedy recovery and return to desired lifestyle and quality of life.

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