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Mekdes Hailu, MD

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician
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"My Dr. Mekdes Hailu is wonderful she goes beyond the call of duty to make sure you get the right medication and service. I really appreciate her. Also your staff that answers the phone are excellent they go beyond the call of duty as well to make sure your doctor gets the right information (messages) from you."

Dr. Mekdes Hailu provides compassionate care to families at Maiden Lane Medical in the Midtown location of New York. As a family practitioner, she delivers comprehensive treatments for all health challenges faced by her patients, including:

  • Preventive care
  • Well-child and well-woman visits
  • Management of chronic diseases: Diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis, etc.

Dr. Hailu looks forward to creating long-lasting relationships with patients of all ages, caring for the medical, emotional and behavioral health of each individual throughout their lifetime.

Dr. Hailu earned her degree at Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest Hungary, graduating cum laude with a Doctor of Medicine. She went on to complete three years in family practice residency at Beth Israel Medical Center, Department of Family Medicine. Dr. Hailu is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

Before joining Maiden Lane Medical, Dr. Hailu gained extensive experience as an attending physician at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center, Division of Occupational Medicine/Employee Health Services. In addition to providing primary care to in-patients, she treated patients in the occupational and student health clinics.

After offering 17 years of care at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center, she went to the New York Hotel Trades Council Harlem Clinic, where she’s a devoted primary care physician helping hotel employees and their families facing complex medical conditions.

Dr. Hailu is also listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners for the Department of Transportation, which permits her to perform commercial driver’s licence physicals and validate medical cards for commercial drivers.

Dr. Hailu is currently welcoming new patients at Maiden Lane Medical. Treating everyone from newborns to seniors, she’s here to help you prevent disease, treat illness when it arises, and support your optimal health and wellness.

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