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If you have coughing, wheezing, and trouble breathing, you may need to be tested for asthma. To have an evaluation done, contact  Maiden Lane Medical in New York. Get the care you need to relieve your symptoms and breathe more easily. Call or book a consultation online to get started today.

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What causes asthma?

There isn’t one identifiable cause when it comes to asthma since many factors can contribute to its development. For most people, various situations can trigger an asthma attack, including:

  • Exposure to allergens like pollen, dust, or pet hair
  • Strenuous physical activity
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Stress

In some cases, people who take certain medications, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or beta blockers, can experience asthma symptoms.

What are the symptoms of asthma?

Not everyone experiences asthma symptoms the same way. Some people will experience them often, while others may only have infrequent attacks. The most common symptoms of the condition include:

  • Labored breathing
  • Excessive coughing
  • Wheezing or a whistling sound when exhaling
  • Tightness in the chest

For many people, asthma symptoms worsen when the weather is colder, when they are engaged in physical activity, or when an environmental allergen triggers the symptoms.

How is asthma treated?

While uncomfortable, asthma is a treatable condition. At Maiden Lane Medical, our provider starts by assessing your symptoms and your health history with a full examination. He may want to take X-rays to check the health of your lungs or to conduct other diagnostic tests, including an allergy panel.

Asthma is most often treated with inhaled corticosteroid allergy medications, often referred to as inhalers. These medications offer instant relief in the midst of an asthma attack, and they are often enough to help patients cope with asthma.

Depending on your needs, we may also suggest other ways to prevent asthma symptoms, such as changing factors in your home or work environment that contribute to your asthma. If you play sports, it’s critical to carry your inhaler with you at all times.

What can I expect from asthma treatment?

While you may still have bouts of asthma, even with treatment, it’s possible to lead a normal life so that your asthma doesn’t interfere with your daily activities, wake you up at night, or cause you to miss school or work.

To learn more about asthma treatment at Maiden Lane Medical, book an appointment  using the online scheduler or call the office today.

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Harry Gruenspan, MD, PhD

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