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Whether you’re a patient in need of an electrocardiogram (EKG) for a standard heart health check-up, an insurance physical, or you need one as part of a pre-surgery physical, the doctors at Maiden Lane Medical perform EKG testing at their conveniently located New York City practices in Lower Manhattan and Midtown.

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What is an EKG?

An EKG or electrocardiogram is a diagnostic test that measures the electrical activity in each heartbeat. A heartbeat is caused by an electrical impulse that makes the muscles contract and push blood in and out of the heart. The electrical impulses in the heart are often referred to as waves and when they are measured with an EKG, the doctor is able to see the timing of the upper and lower chambers of the heart. A doctor reads waves on your EKG strip to see if there is any apparent problem in the case of a heart health check up, or the possible source of a problem such as chest pain, or dizziness.

Why are EKGs performed?

An EKG is an extremely effective tool for identifying irregularities in a patient’s heartbeat. The test may be ordered to diagnose heart disease or as part of an annual physical. Some of the details gathered from an EKG include the amount of time it takes for the electrical wave to pass through the heart and the amount of time it takes for the wave to travel between chambers of the heart. These measurements tell the doctor if a patient’s heartbeat is irregular, fast, or slow. The test can also reveal if parts of the heart are working harder than others or compensating for weakness in another part of the heart. An EKG may also be performed to see if a pacemaker is working properly or to check the effects of medications on the heart.

What happens during an EKG?

When you have an EKG, a nurse or technician will attach up to 12 electrodes to your arms, legs, and chest. You may need to remove any body hair before the test to ensure the electrodes are affixed properly to your skin. The patient will lie on a table, staying still and calm during the test. The test does not hurt or cause any discomfort and will typically take about 10 minutes. In some situations, a patient may be asked to walk or run on a treadmill during an EKG.

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