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What To Expect For The First Prenatal Visit

If you think you might be pregnant, whether it’s a happy surprise or a carefully planned addition to your family, finding the right OB/GYN and scheduling your first prenatal appointment is an essential first step in fostering a healthy pregnancy.

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How Soon Should I Schedule a Prenatal Appointment After a Positive Home Pregnancy Test?

You should schedule your first prenatal appointment as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. The earlier you confirm your pregnancy and begin to build your relationship with your obstetrician, the better you and your baby’s health outcomes are likely to be.

What Happens at My First Prenatal Visit?

During your first prenatal visit, your OB/GYN will review your medical history and check your overall health. In addition to a general physical exam, our doctors may provide a pelvic exam and order a variety of lab tests. The doctors will likely measure your weight, check for high blood pressure, and order blood tests and urine samples to check for diabetes and sexually transmitted infections.

You and your doctor will probably also have a conversation about your health and lifestyle. They can offer advice to help enhance your health and support pregnancy. For example, your doctor may share information to improve your diet, add prenatal vitamins, incorporate exercise, or stop unhealthy habits like tobacco use.

Your doctor may also share information about how your body will change to accommodate the new life inside you and what to expect. This is also your opportunity to ask questions about your health, lifestyle, and pregnancy. Our doctors and obstetrics team are here to help you navigate pregnancy, offering support at every stage

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Why Do I Need to Have Prenatal Care?

While women have been having babies for millennia, modern medicine includes comprehensive screening tests that allow your OB/GYN to identify any potential issues as early as possible. As a result, they can offer treatment and advice to address or manage the issue before it becomes a problem for you or your baby with prenatal care.

For example, you might hear the term: high-risk pregnancy. This sounds scary, but the label could be applied to something as benign as your age or something in your medical history or family history that hasn’t caused you any problems. It simply means that your OB/GYN will monitor your health closely and may need to order additional tests.

When Will I Have My First Ultrasound?

In most cases, you’ll have your first ultrasound between 6-8 weeks.  However, depending on your age or other health issues, you may have ultrasounds earlier or more frequently.

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How Many Prenatal Visits Will I Have?

You will probably have around 13-15 appointments while you’re pregnant. The typical cadence is once a month for the first 28 weeks, then every two weeks between weeks 28-36, and then weekly until your baby is born.

However, there isn’t a specific number of prenatal appointments. Your OB/GYN will provide recommendations based on your individual needs.

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