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What Is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

Women on Yoga ball doing pelvic floor PT

Here are 6 Things That I Learned:

  1. Your pelvic floor is like a sling or a hammock and many of us have been doing kegels wrong. There is a front, middle and back kegel, who knew? Once you learn the correct way, it’s easier to hold in your pee.
  2. It’s 100% normal to pee in your pants and leak after giving birth even if you had a c-section. You just need the proper care to heal. Beware of coughing.
  3. There are many exercises that help to strengthen your pelvic floor and exercises that can make your condition worse (i.e. sit-ups). It is important to know the difference if you want to heal.
  4. If you have key-in-lock syndrome (you get a sudden urge to pee out of nowhere the minute you enter your home), this type of PT can help you. I was really bad after giving birth, but I am so happy to say I have been accident-free now for months!
  5. There are vaginal video games that strengthen your pelvic floor strength. You get a personal sensor at PT that you insert into your vagina and it’s hooked up to a machine. Sometimes the graphic is a flower opening and closing (according to Naz). My graphic was like an Atari game. You squeeze your pelvic floor, hold it, and the graph pings when you hit 20. IT IS SO HARD AND SO MUCH FUN.
  6. You can bring relaxation music. Ok, this is more of a tip, but it’s important. I was SO NERVOUS about pelvic floor physical therapy at first. I was told to bring in anything to relax and a Spotify spa playlist and headphones did the trick.