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Whether it’s sharp and shooting or dull and aching, chronic pain can severely affect your quality of life. If you have pain that has lasted beyond a few months, visit Jennifer Zocca, MD, at Maiden Lane Medical. As a specialist in pain medicine, Dr. Zocca tailors individualized treatment plans for men and women in New York City. With a combination of therapies, she helps adults recover from accidents, injuries, and chronic conditions. Call today to book a consultation or schedule an appointment online to get started.

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What is chronic pain?

Pain is chronic when it lasts longer than a few months. While acute pain comes on suddenly after an injury or accident, chronic pain lingers much longer and may not have a clear and distinct cause.

What causes chronic pain?

Many factors can contribute to the development of chronic pain. For many people, it’s caused by an injury or trauma that has not fully healed. Some patients continue to reinjure or stress the affected area, which only makes the pain persist.

Other causes of chronic pain include:

  • Arthritis: Causes inflammation and swelling in the joints
  • Overuse: Repetitive motions and often from sports or occupational tasks
  • Medical conditions: Like autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, or conditions of the musculoskeletal system

Chronic pain may get worse during periods of stress, and it might also present with other symptoms, like headaches, muscle tension, or fatigue.

Do I need medical treatment for chronic pain?

Some people live with chronic pain for so long that they forget what it’s like to feel normal and healthy. If medication or other treatments aren’t working, it’s a good idea to seek care. Once pain becomes chronic, a pain specialist like Dr. Zocca can customize your treatment plan using multiple therapies.

Left untreated, chronic pain can lead to further injury or deterioration of your body.

How is chronic pain treated?

Dr. Zocca takes a whole-person approach to chronic pain, as there is usually more than one cause of your symptoms. By focusing on a comprehensive treatment plan, she ensures that you not only find pain relief, but that your symptoms don’t return. Depending on your needs, your care may include:

  • Medication: To manage underlying conditions and treat inflammation
  • Rehab: For increased mobility, strength, flexibility, and muscle control
  • Alternative therapies: Like acupuncture or mindfulness-based therapies to alleviate pain and manage stress
  • Dietary changes: To assist the body’s healing process and support healthy outcomes
  • Interventional procedures: Like joint injections or nerve blocking

To have Dr. Zocca assess your symptoms, call the office today or schedule an appointment online to get started on a personalized treatment plan.

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Jennifer Zocca, MD
Medical Director and Pain Management Physician

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