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Top Tips for Managing Menopause

Menopause is an inevitable stage of life. The transition can be physically and emotionally challenging, but you can and will make it to the other side. The team of women’s health experts at Maiden Lane Medical can help you manage your symptoms and protect your wellness.

Technically, menopause is the stage of life when your periods have stopped. You officially enter menopause when you haven’t had a period for 12 months. However, for 5-10 years before your periods cease, you are in perimenopause. During perimenopause, your hormones begin to fluctuate and decline, causing the symptoms most often associated with menopause. 

Know the symptoms

Every woman has a unique experience with menopause. You might sail through with only a few mild symptoms. Alternatively, you might have severe symptoms that prevent you from leaving your home or feeling detached from your family and friends. Some of the common menopause symptoms include:

Manage your symptoms and health

Managing menopause symptoms can be complicated. Your experience and needs are unique, and you and your healthcare provider may need to try a few options before you find the perfect solutions to maintain your health and wellness as you transition into menopause.

Often, menopause management is a combination of common sense and medicine. For example, identify the triggers of your hot flashes and other symptoms. This might mean that you have to give up hot drinks or spicy food for a while. Or maybe, you should embrace dressing in layers, so you can stay comfortable no matter what your hormones do to your internal temperature. If you’re dealing with vaginal dryness, there are a variety of personal lubricants that ease any discomfort. 

However, some symptoms require more than avoiding Thai takeout with a heat rating higher than one. Many women benefit from hormone therapy to regulate their fluctuating hormones. You may also want to consider an antidepressant if you develop symptoms of depression or anxiety. If you feel like you’re not in control of your emotions or overreact to the most benign of inconveniences, talk to your women’s healthcare provider about your symptoms. You don’t have to suffer through your symptoms alone, ask for help.

The team of compassionate women’s health providers here at Maiden Lane Medical is committed to helping you maintain and protect your health. They create customized menopause management plans to address your symptoms and alleviate your overall health. 

The good news

Menopause isn’t all bad. When your hormones settle down, you adjust to your new normal. But, you can and will continue to lead a healthy, active, and fulfilling life. Also, many of the reproductive health issues like fibroid or polycystic ovary syndrome that are driven by hormonal irregularities should stop. It is possible that if you have endometriosis, the misplaced endometrium and resultant scar tissue could continue to cause disruptive symptoms. 

If you’re experiencing menopause symptoms, contact us at Maiden Lane Medical for personalized menopause management support. Our team of women’s health specialists has years of experience in helping women optimize their health at every age.

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Emily Blanton, MD
Board Certified Gynecologist