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If you feel the quality of your life shifting due to knee pain, seek medical help from our pain management experts at Maiden Lane Medical, located in Manhattan, NY. We specialize in using a wide range of non-surgical treatments to relieve pain to assist you in regaining your strength and mobility.

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Knee Anatomy

Our knees bear a great deal of stress from our everyday activities, such as walking, running, and jumping, as well as supporting the weight of our upper body, making them susceptible to injury. Knowing the structure of your knee can help you to identify or understand the source of your pain.

Your knee is made up of the following parts:

  • Tibia — Also known as your shin bone, it is the larger bone located in your lower leg.
  • Femur — Also known as your thigh bone, it comprises the top portion of your joint.
  • Patella — Also known as your kneecap, it is located in the front of your knee joint where your thigh bone and shinbone meet.
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The knee is composed of two long leg bones that are connected and held together by muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Each bone end is additionally covered with a cushioning protective layer of cartilage that absorbs pressure and shields it from shock when participating in physical activity.

Common Knee Problems

Knee pain is a common complaint and affects people of all ages. Common knee issues can develop suddenly due to injury or begin with mild discomfort that gradually intensifies with time. Living a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, and overusing your knee can trigger knee problems.

Below you will find some common causes of knee pain, including medical conditions, injuries, and overuse complications.

Medical Conditions

Medical conditions that can lead to knee pain include:

  • Various forms of arthritis, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and lupus
  • Cancers that either originate within your bones or spread to your bones
  • Infection that develops in the bones of your knee
  • Infection that develops in your knee joint
  • Baker cyst, which is a fluid-filled swelling that develops behind the knee and may also occur with swelling from other conditions, such as arthritis
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease

Injuries and Overuse

Injuries and overuse that can cause knee pain may include:

  • Knee patellofemoral syndrome. If you have this condition, you will experience pain in the front of your knee around the kneecap.
  • Torn ligament, including anterior cruciate ligament injuries or medial collateral ligament injuries. Torn ligaments may cause bleeding in your knee, swelling, or an unstable knee.
  • Torn cartilage is also known as a meniscus tear and results in pain on the inside or outside of the knee joint.
  • Kneecap dislocation
  • Bursitis is a painful swelling of a small fluid-filled sac (bursa) that develops from repeated pressure on the knee, such as kneeling for a long time, injury, or overuse.
  • Fracture of the kneecap or other surrounding bones.
  • Iliotibial band syndrome occurs when there is an injury to the thick band that runs from your hip to the outside of your knee.
  • Strain or sprain – these minor injuries to the ligaments are caused by unnatural or sudden twisting.

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The Symptoms of Knee Pain

Depending on the cause, your pain can either be acute or chronic. While everyone experiences pain differently, common knee pain symptoms include:

  • Pain when walking or playing sports
  • Stiffness/aching
  • An inability to fully extend your leg
  • Swelling/inflammation
  • Instability/weakness/unable to bear weight on your knee

Additionally, if you have knee pain, your other leg muscles may begin to overcompensate, resulting in further strain and strain on your quadriceps or calf muscles. If you have pain even without bearing weight on your knee, be sure to contact a specialist.

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How Is Knee Pain Diagnosed?

To make an accurate diagnosis, a specialist will first evaluate your symptoms and conduct a physical exam. They will also order appropriate diagnostic imaging, such as an x-ray or an ultrasound.

How Is Knee Pain Treated?

The manner in which your pain is treated will depend on your condition and the symptoms you are experiencing. Your treatment may include:

  • Bracing – To protect your knee as it heals.
  • Physical therapy – To help improve your strength, flexibility, and range of motion.
  • Injections – To reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Medication management – To either reduce the intake of pain medication or use it in conjunction with treatment.

Do I Need Knee Surgery?

It is very possible to treat a sore knee or one in severe pain without orthopedic surgery. For most patients, the thought of having surgery can be unsettling. That is why our specialists are dedicated to using the wide range of conservative treatments mentioned earlier before recommending surgery.

With continuing treatment and a consistent physical therapy regime, many have been able to completely avoid the need for surgery.

How to Prevent Knee Pain

You can help prevent knee pain if you:

  • Warm up/stretch before exercising
  • Lose weight, if you are overweight
  • Wear well-made and well-fitted shoes  
  • Walk downhill instead of running downhill
  • Use orthotics (special shoe inserts or arch supports) if you have flat feet

While there are several possible causes of knee pain, there are also several treatments available to eliminate pain, including non-invasive techniques. If you are ready to shift your quality of life back to where it was before your pain began, schedule a personalized consultation with our expert doctors at Maiden Lane Medical in Manhattan, NY today!

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