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In just a split second, you strained a muscle, and now you’re dealing with long-term pain and mobility issues. If you’ve sustained a strain and need treatment, visit Jennifer Zocca, MD, at Maiden Lane Medical. Helping men and women in New York, Dr. Zocca is a pain management specialist who emphasizes nonsurgical treatments and a multidisciplinary approach. To find relief, contact the office to schedule a consultation or book your first appointment online.

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What is a strain?

A strain refers to an injury where a muscle or tendon has been stretched or torn. Similar to a sprain, which is an injury to a ligament, a strain causes many uncomfortable symptoms that can get worse if left untreated. Strains are common in the lower back, the hamstrings, and the neck.

Sometimes strains go away on their own with rest, ice, heat, and anti-inflammatory drugs, but more severe strains often require medical treatment.

What causes a strain?

There are many ways you can strain a muscle or tendon. The most common cause of strains is injury, which can happen for a number of reasons: poor flexibility, lack of conditioning, not warming up before exercise, or overexertion.

In other cases, strains can come from accidents, slips, throwing something heavy, or awkwardly lifting an object. If you have a chronic strain, it’s often due to repetitive motions or poor posture.

What are the symptoms of a strain?

Symptoms of a strain vary depending on the location and severity of your injury. Common signs of a strain include:

  • Muscle spasms
  • Sudden pain
  • Soreness
  • Swelling
  • Limited range of motion

With mild strains, you may feel only slightly stiff or uncomfortable. With a severe strain, you can experience extreme pain. All sprains, however, generally cause pain right away and are sometimes correlated to a change in activity. In other cases, the pain may occur randomly. Your skin or the affected area might also feel tender to the touch.

How is a strain treated?

Dr. Zocca treats strains with a number of pain management techniques. Your customized treatment plan may include anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants, physical therapy, or trigger point injections.

The goal of treatment is to help you manage pain and regain mobility where you’ve felt the strain. Dr. Zocca might also recommend a protocol of rest, icing, dietary changes, or herbal supplements to support your healing.

With the right care, you can easily recover and get back to your favorite activities. To book a consultation about your symptoms, contact the office today by calling or scheduling an appointment online.

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